Yu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS Episode 14 & 15

Episode 14
RIP Roa’s building.

Oh my god this episode had me in tears from laughing so hard. It was exactly what I needed to cheer me up because laughter is the best medicine.

Good grief, Romin girl! You don’t have to know them all, but you should at least know the staple vegetables! While it was absolutely hysterical how bad of a cook she was! Besides the fact she thought SULFUR, CHARCOAL AND POTASSIUM NITRATE WERE FREAKING SPICES, THE BIGGER PROBLEM HERE IS WHY DO YOU EVEN HAVE THOSE THINGS?! Oh gosh it was so crazy I couldn’t stop laughing. Thank goodness Gakuto and his buddies were there to supervise her— not that it stopped her from unleashing complete havoc. LESSON OF THE EPISODE: DON’T LET HER IN THE KITCHEN WITHOUT SUPERVISION!

Geez it’s no wonder Gakuto and the other two were terrified of eating the blue curry. After seeing the shit she was trying to put in there, of course they would think they would die if they ate it. Luckily they had Rook who will eat whatever he sees in front of him (like that dog bone). Hell he is such a glutton, he was still hungry after coming back from eating three bowls of ramen and then ate an additional four plates of curry rice.

I was quite surprised how they actually opted to skip out on a duel this episode. They didn’t actually feature the Drone Duel, which I have to admit was a bit disappointing because Kaizo is hysterical, but I also didn’t mind the way they did it. They actually attributed to how automation sped up the process of the duel, so it was basically fast-forwarded x4. But it was still funny to watch because Kaizo’s antics never let us down.

Last but not least, I really liked we got to see Yuuga and Kaizo interact through normal conversation such as how the duel between the bots played out. It was quite endearing and I hope to see more of it between them in the future.

Episode 15

This week was another relatively simple episode, but at least we got to see the duel between Yuuga and Nanami, the Captain of the Fisheries School ship. (My god, the way their school works is bonkers! Whoever gets the biggest haul is appointed the Captain, even if their grades are hot garbage!) Am I the only one who thought Big Tuna looked like a robot version of Kyogre? Hahaha! Yuuga certainly had a close call today, and pulled through by the skin of his teeth with Acure Shot. It was really cute how Yuuga was quite nervous about the potential outcome and his friends cheering him on. Of course he was going to pull through, he had a fancy new monster to show, (Lightning Bolt Condor). Heck he even mentioned the fact he switched up his deck a bit in the beginning of the episode, a little attention detail I appreciate.

Better yet there was actually some interesting plot development too! Bless Kaizo for using every bit of his power to propel himself forward and even threw himself into sea to help Yuuga. He’s a good bot.

Despite all the chaos and hilarity that taken place in Episode 14, a big plot development was enacted when Kaizo was dueling Goha’s A.I. It was alluded something had happened more than just the battery running out with the way Kaizo seemed so out of it afterwards. Then this week, they revealed Kaizo had in fact been hacked by another during that duel, who was responsible for leading Yuuga and the others onto a ship that was not supposed to return to port for a month. We also know they are fully aware of the relic, as the ploy to bait them out in the first place was fooling them into thinking they were taking a boat to an island (that didn’t exist to begin with) where it claimed the relic was going to show up next.

No matter how you think about it, it is quite particular for whoever is behind this to try and ship Yuuga off so he is away from town for that long. Were they hoping by disconnecting him from the mainland the feverish trend of Rush Duel would end sooner than later?  Or was it for a greater purpose? Heck, we can’t overlook it potentially being an extremely petty reason as well. Needless to say, when this kind of thing happens, it is hard to keep myself in check from letting the speculative mind run rampant.

However it doesn’t look like it’s going to be dragged out as much as the the crumb trail of hints they left us with the relic during the first arc. Thanks to the transmitter Yuuga had installed into Kaizo, even though his machine has been hijacked and internal data stolen, they are able to track him down where he had ran off to after the real Kaizo exposed him.

To no surprise, it had retreated to the famous A.I. Restaurant that was introduced to us during the ramen episode. Kaizo was also the only one who was able to get in to spy on their behalf, and we saw that creepy A.I. red eye overlooking the entire place.

Needless to say, whoever is behind this is most likely prepared for Yuuga and the team’s arrival. Although it appears they will try to sneak in undercover by working in the kitchen to do the dishes (which is funny given the places is supposed to be entirely run by A.I.), they will find themselves in a fight. Luckily it appears Romin will be the first in line, so I am excited to see Romin duel again so soon. Since they are in the kitchen, besides her just being a total hazard (thankfully she won’t be cooking), she will probably get hungry somewhere along the lines which will make her go crazy again.


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2 thoughts on “Yu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS Episode 14 & 15

  1. I can understand Rook’s anger towards Romin because she spied on them over a trivial secret. Still, Rook is fast to forgive her. Looks like if anything happens, all you need to do is make him delicious foods and he’ll forgive you! XD

    Rather than Romin, you should be asking Roa how and why in the world he has materials to make explosive. In fact, how in the world he could afford an apartment?! No matter how successful of a singer and band you are, there’s still a limit for an elementary schooler! Then again, common sense or normalcy doesn’t matter much in SEVENS.

    Yeah! I also thought of Kyogre when I saw Nanami’s ace! I’m liking his and Yuga’s new monsters in this episode. Yuga unexpectedly couldn’t stand much riding high-speed boat. I thought he’ll like that. Looks like Yuga and co are going to stuck in kitchen duty until the duel is won in the next episode.

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