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YO, I did NOT expect that ending. First of all, how the heck did my boy ALREADY get captured and be stored away like Mewtwo? Second, is Angemon the holy Digimon they were talking about??? Things just go so much more interesting and I’m really looking forward to how this all plays out since this new setup has me intrigued.

Not only that, but Koshiro, Sora, Mimi and Joe somehow ended up in the real real human world this time for reasons not revealed. But it seems like their Digimon partners have disappeared so I’m a bit worried about them in that regard. It also looks like they’ve unintentionally made contact with the 8th chosen kid and I wonder how much of that storyline they intend to change because it was so well done in the original. Though considering they’ve changed the direction of the series in a sense, I wouldn’t mind a different take. I’d actually prefer it since I’d want to see something different anyways.

Not only do we get familiar faces like Takeru showing in this episode, but also Leomon, whom I just want the best for because this franchise has not been kind to him (or any of his kind). I’ve always really liked Leomon in personality and design so seeing him again in all of his glory was a treat. So far, it seems like they’re treating him well with his awesome fight scenes and how much this guy tanks. But I do worry because with the series showing off how awesome he is, they’re going to make him ultimately die to show just how dangerous the antagonists are. Which will make me upset because we already know how dangerous they are with freaking Nidhoggmon and I would rather the series not sacrifice Leomon just to show us a fact we already know. And it would also be nice to have another Digimon that isn’t a partner Digimon be an ally.

We learn that Leomon is part of the resistance against Devimon, who seems to be in control or enacting a hostile takeover, which adds a little more world-building to the series. Also, I like that seems like the decision to help Neamon and the others several episodes ago came back around to Taichi and Yamato’s benefit because if it weren’t for that, Leomon wouldn’t have came to help them. A good deed can certainly go a long way.

Also, was it just me or did this episode give me Star War vibes? Though it was probably because of all those stormtrooper like Digimon and Leomon being part of the “resistance” against the “empire.”

In any case, Taichi and Yamato join forces with Leomon to recover the cargo that Minotaurmon has taken custody of which may relate to the Holy Digimon. And can I say that Minotaurmon’s design creeps me out? The fact that he’s not actually a bull-like creature and is just something inside of a suit just seems so creepy to me. Kind of like Gabumon in a sense but at least Gabumon just wears fur on top and not in a zip up suit.

The fight between Minotaurmon and Leomon was nicely choreographed, even if it was weird to have Leomon block a quake attack by just crossing his arms. The hand-to-hand fight was definitely the highlight for me and Fist of the Beast King being the finisher felt so satisfying. Especially with the posing and the force of impact was just chef’s kiss.

This was a pretty simple episode, but it definitely set up quite a few things to happen. Such as Takeru’s new role in the story along with some hints to what could become of Hikari now that she’s met up with Sora and the group in the human world. Yamato seems absolutely horrified of seeing Takeru in that tube and I’m sure his overprotectiveness is going to go into overdrive after this. Especially since Takeru was the person he wanted to protect the most and seeing him locked away is bound to make him paranoid, which could definitely put a strain on his relationship with Takeru and possibly the others. Especially since the Holy Digimon they hinted at the end is most likely going to be Takeru’s partner.

There were also some other familiar Digimon faces that have appeared in previous Digimon series such as Falcomon from Digimon Savers and Velgemon from Digimon Frontier. I’m wondering if they’re going to bring the Legendary Warrior Digimon into this series since they were probably one of my favorite parts in Digimon Frontier. Especially since that shadowed out squid-like Digimon KIND of looked like Calmaramon. But it could also might be just Gesomon, similar or maybe the same one they fought back in episode 7. They do have a similar shape so I guess we’ll just have to find out.

In any case, I’m excited to see where this arc goes because there’s definitely some exciting set up going on.


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4 thoughts on “Digimon Adventure: (2020) Episode 19

    1. BRUH, I was SHOOK when they showed him. That was the last thing I expected to be the freaking cargo.

  1. That’s an unexpected surprise! How in the world Takeru got captured?! And the digimon at the end must be Angemon. But for what purpose Devimon captures them instead of eliminating possible huge threat?

    As for Leomon, as much as I wish for him to remain alive, considering his history, I believe it’s a tradition for Leomon to die in all series. That’s why, I don’t dare to have any hope or expectation for Leomon not dying in this series. It spares me from a big heartache if it happens. It would be great if this series surpass my expectation by keeping Leomon alive. That’ll make me beyond happy.

    1. All I want is for there to be a Digimon series that keeps Leomon alive because he deserves the best because he is the best. But yeah, I agree he’s more likely to kick the bucket unfortunately because Digimon just has no respect for him. DX

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