Healin’ Good Precure Episode 30

I KNEW IT. I FREAKING KNEW IT. Ever since the last episode, all I could think about was what if the Generals planted the Pathogerms Part into themselves, they would become stronger – AND YES. YES THEY DID. THANK YOU WRITERS THANK YOU~! Just as the girls are due for their level up, so are the antagonists and I LOVE THIS TO BITS. This is so awesome, please continue doing what you’re doing, because aklsdjaslkdjasldkj this is so much fun to watch!

Oh man, you know I was suspicious of the fact Shindoine hasn’t done much until now, but as expected, Daruizen’s rise to the top and quickly earning the praises from the King has changed the game. Surprisingly Guaiwaru didn’t seem to mind too much, probably because he has at least been acknowledged a little bit, but it was Shindoine who was ignored entirely in the meeting today. That’s why she didn’t take Daruizen becoming the King’s favourite too kindly. I have thought about the Generals potentially sabotaging each other (mostly Guaiwaru and Shindoine because they seem to care more about being the favourite compared to Daruizen, who doesn’t appear to be particularly interested in that), but that wouldn’t be very efficient. Instead, it is far more productive for them to be motivated to try out things that the others have not. And that is precisely why the Pathogerms have been able to gain such momentum in the first place. They all have something motivating them to make their moves. Batetemoda discovered the Mega-Part, Guaiwaru decided to test it out on their Mega Pathogerms, Daruizen discovered a way to harvest and acquire intelligent and powerful Terra-Pathogerms, and now Shindoine just uncovered the Terra-Pathogerms have yet another evolved form that makes them even stronger! They are on a roll! Now all they have left to do is farm the resources, plants their seeds and grow their army, and before long, the King will surely have enough substance to undergo his revival.

But that isn’t the only thing they got going for them. Desperate to become and remain as the King’s favourite, Shindoine resorts to the extremes by using herself as a test subject to see what happens if she were to plant the mega part into herself. It was a high risk, but now we can see her reaping the rewards. She has a new and glamorous form (AND LOOKS LIKE A FREAKING QUEEN! SHE IS SLAYING THAT NEW LOOK!), and a power upgrade to boot. Now she has the capabilities to target Humans directly, a huge upgrade from the environment and material. With Humans now being subjected to transform into Mega Pathogerms, they certainly bring loads of trouble, along with potential unforeseen consequences for the host. And while it is unlikely that these Mega Pathogerms anywhere near the same level as Terra-Pathogerms, it is important to note this is something that can be utilized to create a lot of fodder that can probably be produced faster than a Terra-Pathogerm (which the Mega Part needs to feed off of a Human or Animal before it can achieve it’s evolved form).

It is actually incredible how much momentum the Pathogerms have right now. It is perfectly balanced with the girls finally getting their long over-due power-up! And I say overdue only because they were getting their butts kicked for so long, which is why Asumi has been the one been one doing the most work (because she’s so OP). Nevertheless, it will be interesting to see how much it really helps the main trio, especially since none of them stands a chance against any of the Generals 1 VS 1, especially since they are all becoming a lot more proactive in the fights. We got to see Daruizen take action today because he understood he needed to protect the Mega Pathogerm to ensure he would be able to get a good harvest of the Mega Parts. In fact, once again Daruizen showed us just how strong these Generals already are! This is the second time we witnessed him kick their butts on his own. Just think about it for a moment how strong he would be if he were to do the same as Shindoine, who just got a power upgrade of her own? Man I want to see his evolved form too now. LETS GO, ALL THE GENERALS SHALL EVOLVE TOO! I WANT TO SEE THEM IN THEIR REGAL DESIGNS!

I know I have been gushing a lot about the antagonists in the recent weeks, but really I can’t help it because I love them. They are written so well and they have such an enormous role of making this series as exciting and epic as it is. I haven’t been this hyped about a Precure series since Go! Princess Precure, so it really has been a long time coming, and I am savoring every second of it!

Besides that, the majority of the episode was surprisingly tame. It wasn’t until the last two minutes when shit finally hit the fan (similarly to the way episode 27 ended). So the REAL mini boss battle will be next week, where the girls will finally get that much desired power-upgrade!

That isn’t to say it was ‘uneventful’. I absolutely loved the build up because it was sweet and wholesome, and then punched us in the gut. Kota is a very endearing character, and I thought it was adorable how he served as the girls’ guide to the zoo because he knows the place like the back of his hand. He is very passionate about animals. He got to see them get along despite their differences, something he couldn’t really understand after having a fight with a friend over which is stronger, a tiger or a lion. Fortunately the girls had set a great example, and his dad (their homeroom teacher) was able to make important points that helped him get over the petty fight and make amends with his friend. Nevertheless the kid is a good one since he wasn’t going to leave his friend behind after seeing he had gotten hurt while fleeing. He learned well, because sure enough, after bringing his kid to safety, his Dad went back to help direct people to safety. And then at the very last moment, when Shindoine was about to make Kota her target, his dad took the hit! Oh man that got me in the feels. I was terrified for little Kota, but seeing his dad take it on his behalf and now transform into a monster – that’s hard on the kid.

But with this, we are mostly back to the staple formula of Humans being the prime target. I am pleased to see that it looks like they will finally start picking them off more frequently now, especially if the other two follow Shindoine’s example to absorb a fragment as she had. (I wouldn’t put it past someone planting multiple of them- this was just one and look how much she has changed!)

Again, next episode can’t come soon enough! I absolutely cannot wait!

See you then!


  • No New Episode Next Week! Episode 31 will air on November 8th! – Thank you Littleshogun for the tip!
  • Heartcatch Precure Coverage will resume next Sunday, November 1st! I know I am starting a bit later than initially planned, so thank you so much for your patience!


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6 thoughts on “Healin’ Good Precure Episode 30

  1. Long time no see here, and so far you’re doing good with the review so keep it up. I have no much comment on this episode other than it’s interesting to see the cadres can evolve even further along with the teamwork that they did so far, and with Shindoine now did turn the teacher into MOTW I guess it’s indeed the time for the new weapon.

    PS – There’ll be no HealGPC at next week because there’s a leak that Toei will take a break at November 1st (ie next week). So instead we’ll see the conclusion of the battle against teacher MOTW at November 8th later.

    1. It’s great to see you again Littleshogun! I hope you have been well! 😀 Thank you for that notice! I’ll plug that in to prevent confusion! Albeit lasjkda it does trouble me a bit to hear there will be a break, I really don’t want to see this series suffer losing a few episodes because of the Pandemic delays! Q ^ Q

      1. I do noticed on Twitter already, that some speculating that the finale can be rushed if the next season might indeed happen in February.

        1. None of us wants to see it rushed, so I hope there is room for a bit of flexibility to just move the start date a bit later. Or surprise us with the continuation/second season of Healin’ Good. It’s been so long since they’ve last done that. [RUNS AWAY CRYING] IM NOT READY FOR THIS STORY TO END!!!!

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