Digimon Adventure: (2020) Episode 25

This episode is unfortunately a step down from last episode, especially since I feel like we need a cool down episode after everything that was happening. But things are still in high-ish gear right now and I just need these poor kids to relax for a little bit before jumping into the next big threat. And I’m still a little confused as to why there is still a problem with the little in-training Digimon attacking the tankers’ network. Why are they still going at it when Devimon is gone? Unless all Digimon shared Devimon’s sentiment of the human world being feed to them and is acting on instinct rather than reason.

Also did I miss something or did they already take care of the Algomon from previous episode? If they did, I’m a bit disappointed they didn’t fully address it.

After the battle with Devimon, the group ends up falling due to the ground underneath them crumbling. Most likely due to the battle being so intense it broke a part the area’s support. But anyways, everyone, including Edoradimon are falling from the Cloud Continent that apparently is just hanging there in the sky. I felt like I was more surprised than I should have been, but I just didn’t expect them to be on a floating continent. I mean, there were oceans and everything. There were no indications that they were on a floating continent so that just caught me off guard. It did feel a bit weird that they were being a little too calm falling through the sky. It’s like: Guys, you are most likely falling to your death… can you be a BIT more concerned??? And then they just have a casual conversation while falling. This ain’t Noragami guys. BE A BIT MORE CONCERNED FOR YOUR SAFETY.

And then out of nowhere a horde of Mamemon and Bigmamemon appear and just randomly start attacking? I was a bit bothered by this attack because this felt like it just happened for no reason. Why were they attacking? Do they normally do this? What was the point of this??? At first maybe I thought they were coming to help, but then they just start blowing everything up which just made me go: …Okay??? I don’t know, this episode felt weird. Especially since we’ve only encountered Digimon that were attacking for no reason were being controlled. I need an explanation!

Thankfully Leomon shows up in all of his awesome glory to save the kids. I was wondering where he was and glad to see that he’s still sticking around… for the time being. Honestly, whenever Leomon shows up I get so nervous for his well being. Again, I plead that there be at least one Digimon series where Leomon doesn’t die. JUST ONCE.

Poor Eldoradimon though. After being captured by Devimon, it has to put up with this brutish attack by a horde of punks. It kind of reminds me Torterra from Pokemon, which is a big fav of mine, so I think a bit of that bias kind of transferred to Eldoradimon as well. Just leave ’em alone! It’s gone through enough! And if things weren’t bad enough, poor Eldoradimon still can’t move very well after being imprisoned for so long so if it were to fall straight into the ocean, it probably wouldn’t be able to make it with how weakened it was. In order to save Eldoradimon, they send the Bigmamemon off the edge to support Eldoradimon’s fall since they’re all just giant balloon like creatures. Which doesn’t seem to take too much time, which is surprising by the sheer amount of them and how close to the water they already are, but whatever.

Not much really happened in this episode with the majority of the time shown Eldoradimon and Taichi’s group falling and tanker troubles still existing on the human world side. I was a little disappointed with this episode as it feels like the kids just never catch a break and if it’s one thing, it’s another. It seems like they’re building up to Hikari getting involved with her just… randomly showing up to where Sora’s group was lol. I’m still a little worried about the whereabouts of Darkknightmon and what that one Digimon was that was pulsating in an earlier episode. Hopefully next episode will be better and I do hope the kids can just take a moment to breathe soon.


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