What the hell!? Oh my god. Everything just got super twisty twisty and I am freaking out right now.

I don’t know about you, but Kujo is seriously making me uncomfortable. From the beginning I have always felt there was something off about him, but now that we are seeing the lengths of his obsession when it comes to producing a star, which is in this case, Tenn, I AM VERY WORRIED ABOUT HIM OKAY.

There was something very disturbing about the way Kujo brushed away both Re:Vale (who are supposed to be the star of the show), Idolish7, including TRIGGER members Ryuu and Gaku. Because at that very moment, he made it crystal clear that his main objective in this event, is to make sure Tenn is the one to shine the brightest at the inaugural event. He believes Tenn bears the talent to surpass Zero, the legendary figure he considers a lost false image. And Tenn’s expression when he says all of this, just speaks volumes why he really doesn’t want anyone (including Gaku and Ryuu) to meet this guy. I also worry a lot about Tenn in general. Yes he has been a little shit to his brother and I am mad at him for it, but I also don’t want him to get or be hurt.

I have suggested before the circumstances which led to the separation between Tenn and Riku might have been a trade, and I now I am starting to believe it may have been exactly that. But it also feels like there was money involved in this deal, perhaps to pay off the debt in exchange for Tenn, or something worse. If it was anything close to that, it would explain the grief Riku’s family has been put through, and why Riku himself has never been given a proper explanation by his own parents to understand the situation. Whether Tenn went through his own will, or was “sold off”, or anything along the lines of the sort, then I can understand why it would be so difficult for him to tell Riku this. For him to hear such a thing would certainly turn his world upside down. That being said, this is still speculation on my part until we are given a proper answer.

The other part that made me uneasy is the fact Aya is part of the Kujo family, which makes me nervous on her behalf how leading up to her reveal, Tamaki wondered if Aya had someone like family watching over her– AND THEN CUE TO THE BLOODY OMINOUS MUSIC MAN. HOW COULD I NOT BE CONCERNED? And oh boy, Tenn surely knows this too. Even if Aya didn’t tell him, he isn’t an idiot. It doesn’t take much to connect the dots between the two. Man, this is genuinely stressing me out because this situation feels so messed up, it is actually making me nauseous. I am deeply concerned what is going to come about this whole thing.

While we’re at it, since we are get twists after twist, I am going to take a leap here with this theory that has absolutely no basis: but I wonder if Aya might actually be the secret trainee Sousuke was talking about. Of course I still think it is Tenn he is referring to, especially now that we know what Kujo’s objective is with him, but it would be quite a surprise for Tamaki if it turned out Aya would be entering the entertainment field as well.

Apart from the incredibly stressful ending, this episode as a whole was kind of like last week’s, but was better balanced with the grim and alarming mood for Re:Vale, all while having a wave of much needed uplifting energy for Idolish7.

Despite his upbeat demeanor, Momo is seriously stressed out and today he suddenly lost his ability to sing. The staff at the music program likened it to a curse where it is as though zero’s song can’t be sung by someone else, to which I responded with, “DON’T SAY THAT!” On the otherhand, Yuki understanding the gravity of the situation cut through his jokes and straight up told him to visit a psychosomatic specialist. But it just goes to show that even Re:Vale is not immune to this, and are Humans too. I am actually really glad Yuki told Momo to get help because mental health is just as important as one’s physical’s health.

Then with Idolish7, when Mitsuki came back to the dorms he saw Iori was feeling down so he did what he knew he can reliably be: A dependable older brother. I almost cried a bit when he told Iori he would make his favourite food (pancakes), and Iori asked him to make them bear shapes (PRECIOUSSSSSSSS). But it really hit the heart when he kept on telling him ‘everything is going to be okay’, because he wasn’t just talking about Iori, but was trying to convince himself that too.

I am also glad that Mitsuki was able to open up to the group about his lack of confidence to continue as MC. Yamato stepped up today to give him a bit of courage, offering him a gift of moderation. I am truly grateful that Mitsuki has such reliable friends like Nagi and Yamato, they always have his back and are ready to support him, and vice versa.

Riku and Iori were also able to diffuse the awkwardness that has developed between them. Neither one of them were really sure how to go about it, or were being interrupted before they could do something. It was good to see Nagi assure Iori to go and see Riku himself, knowing that it wasn’t him that Riku needed to see, but Iori. It was adorable how just seconds later, Riku comes into the room and tells Iori is was looking stuff online to find a gift to give back to him in return for being center in his steed. Man these two are precious.

Speaking of support, it was great to see Tsumugi finally taking action today of giving the boys the morale boost they so desperately needed. Even if the world is against them, what they needed most right now is just one person to tell them that they are perfect the way they are, and they would be incomplete without each other. They have the right to hold their heads high and know how much they are loved and cherished for each of their respective abilities.

But for me, the best part of the episode was definitely seeing Tamaki’s growth as a character. It is a wonderful thing to see how by acting more mature and being polite to the staff and fans they work with has bared fruit. Tamaki is starting to see that he is no longer alone, and that there are many people who care about him and will have his back. We saw that today when he encountered that notorious producer who had the nerve to be little prick to him, and two others stepped up and gave him the support he needed.

That is why I love how much closer Tamaki and Sogo have gotten recently. They are finally starting to open up to each other in a way they haven’t done before. And they really explained why these two really balance each other out, and despite their differences, what makes them such a perfect pair. Tamaki is emotionally driven, but there’s a very strong reason for that. He never had anyone watching over him, so he had to yell on his own behalf. Whereas for Sogo, because he was always being watched, he was never very good at getting angry or crying. It was a beautiful moment when Sogo told Tamaki that when he is in pain or is feeling frustrated, he doesn’t have to get angry on his own anymore. There are now a lot of people who understand him and watching over him, and he will try his best to notice when he is in trouble or feeling upset so that he will get upset first if Tamaki is unhappy on his behalf.It was so heartwarming to see Tamaki earnestly ask Sogo what he could do for him, and when Sogo told him he can’t cry in front of people, Tamaki became determined to make sure he will do that on his behalf.

Well that’s all I have to say, now we are left to wonder what the next bombshell will be, haha! Until then, see you next time!

PS: YO, Yuki and Momo got some sizzling chemistry going on! The way they gazed into each other’s eyes made my heart skip a beat!


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