If I had to be honest, so far this was probably the best episode. Nothing too amazing, but it was entertaining and again I have to thank Gojou for that. However, his immense OP power kind of makes me worried about the future.

I knew nothing bad was going to happen to Gojou when he didn’t get a single burn or scratch from Volcano Head’s fire. Just to get this out of the way, the animation as usual was fantastic and made the whole fight super entertaining to watch. Seeing Gojou go all out was great, but I think it was pretty foolish of him to not kill Volcano Head when he didn’t even bother giving him any answers. Obviously this is going to bite him later.

We got to learn a little bit about Domain Expansion, which is just another ability created with cursed energy. I do appreciate that the anime explains everything in simple terms, for our sakes and for Itadori’s two brain cells. It seems that everyone has their own type of Domain Expansion so I wonder how and why that is, so I guess that’ll be something we’ll learn later on.

Gojou is insanely strong, what with manipulating Infinity and sort of making a barrier around himself, and his Domain Expansion basically being an endless space (it’s literally called Infinitie Void). If I understand it, it’s an empty space filled with endless amount of info but it doesn’t end? It also looks like a black hole so it basically is a black hole as well, and there’s just no escape from it? That’s really terrifying and such an OP power. Gojou did say that Domains use up a lot of cursed power so they can’t be used all the time, but this is such a terrifying ability to have. Again, how on earth did he get it? Also with the blindfold on, it seems that it activates whenever he uncovers his eyes. And here I thought Gojou was hiding something unsettling under that blindfold, and yes that’s kind of true. But no, he’s just beautiful lol

What I’m worried about is that after they’ve shown Gojou to be insanely strong, he won’t stick around for long. This isn’t his story, and with him around there won’t be much of a challenge for the protagonists. The villains kept mentioning sealing Gojou away and it certainly sounds like they do have the ability to do it. They know they don’t stand a chance against him so sealing him away is their only way to get rid of him, and man it’ll be disappointing when they do. But I do expect this to happen since the focus is on Itadori and getting Sukuna on the villains’ side. So my worry is…on the other characters. I’m waiting for something big to happen, to make the others a little unique, and for Itadori to be a little more compelling. I’ve already said what I said about the main cast already, so I’m really hoping they’ll improve.

The villains so far are typical “low level” villains and Volcano Head is basically out of commission since he’s just a head now. I also can’t stop laughing at someone calling him Captain Magma Squidward. Anyway, the villains don’t leave too much of an impression on me either sadly, however I do find it pretty interesting that they keep calling themselves “the true humans”. I really wonder what they mean by that, and I also have to wonder how many more of these intelligent curses are like Volcano Head where they can hold conversations like this. And just who are Jogo and Mahito and what are they after?

Gojou is still best and this episode was good. There wasn’t much build up to Gojou’s face reveal but it was still a pretty cool moment, and his abilities are just insane. Itadori is going to go back to training, and it looks like the tournament is close to starting as we see new characters in the preview. I’d had hoped for more focus on our current cast of characters before adding even more into the mix but…I’ll try to be positive.



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  1. Vance

    Jougo, aka Volcano Head, has already made it clear what his goal is, and that is to replace humans as the dominant beings on the planet. Given that these special-grade curses like Hanami and Mahito have sided with him, they probably have the same goal he has.

    I wonder if Getou, the evil human, can actually set up a scenario in which Gojou is sealed. He certainly has a plan given he wants to do it on October 31 in Shibuya. I wonder if Sukuna will choose to take over Itadori for one minute during that time because of the pact they made. That one minute could be the key to sealing Gojou, and if Gojou really does get sealed, it’s likely that many people on the good side will die.

    1. Berry

      I understand that, but I wonder if there’s anything more to that “true humans” statement other than them wanting to replace humans. Or, maybe it really is as simple as that.

      He seems to have a plan so I think it’s possible. And now that you mention it, I can totally see Sukuna screwing Gojou over like that so we’ll see.

  2. BNK

    Gojo is the most powerful character in the series , barring Sukuna, and he still is as of the newest arc in the manga. Jogo is not a “low-level” villain, at all. In fact, he’s one of the most powerful curses so far, stronger than Hanami or Mahito. He’s only weak compare to Gojo and when fighting the other characters, they actually need a few Class 1 (the highest class, only special grade like Gojo is highest) Jujutsu Sorcerer just to slow him down. In general, the villain uses strategy to avoid fighting Gojo or at least slow him down for them to achieve their objective.

  3. BNK

    Yeah, none of the villains are weak, at all. The only reason why the human side is winning because of Gojo, as shown in the manga’s newest arc. Without Gojo, they’re roughly equal and just one of those curses needed multiple characters to engage them, or else they’re dead meat. The human villain is also connected to Gojo’s past and he isn’t the only human villain in the series.

    Next arc will be mostly about Yuuji and will feature great character development as he experiences a personal tragedy and meet his arch-enemy, Mahito and this is where the series goes into gear

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