Episode Title: The Wise Man Does Not Court Danger
Refers to: Giving up on ghost hunting because it would be the smarter option (versus staying and potential causing or getting into trouble). Also refers to Ryuuren refusing to exorcise the ghost because it’d be too dangerous.

Shuurei… still hasn’t left yet. xD  2 days away. Man, Saiunkoku sure is dragging out her departure.

This opening scene between Shuurei and Kouyuu makes me think that if Kouyuu were to ever get married, it could probably only ever be to Shuurei. They are friends and get along great, they respect each other, and they’re both super smart. And Shuurei is maybe the only person who wouldn’t tease Kouyuu about getting lost all the time. Maybe.

Now that Shuurei is an official, Kouyuu has decided to tell her the truth about her kidnapping one year earlier. Shuurei must know the truth. Remember that Kourin traveled with Ensei to see Shuurei, so she’s likely around the palace somewhere. Shuurei is saddened to hear that Kourin is the one who poisoned her, even though Kourin had her own motivations for the deed. However Shuurei agrees to meet with Kourin anyways.

Shuurei and Eigetsu are out wandering the market when who do they encounter but Ryuuren! He’s very happy to see his two kindred spirit friends (Shuurei and Eigetsu, ehhhh maybe a little bit less). Since they are all reunited, Eigetsu suggests that they go grocery shopping for dinner together.

Ahaha, Shuurei’s feelings towards Ryuuren amuse me. Half the time she’s trying to sympathize with him and understand why he is the way he is, and the other half she sounds like she wants to wring his neck.

Shuurei’s making dinner when Ensei brings Kourin for her to meet. Kourin is super nervous, even accidentally spilling tea on Ensei similar to how she spilled tea in front of Shuurei back when they first met. The two young women make small talk about life in Sa Province and what the current conditions are like. Kourin asks Shuurei to allow her to accompany her back to Sa Province. Kourin thinks that she can help protect Shuurei, although really what help could she be? Shuurei says that she will think over Kourin’s request.

Shuurei returns to the main house to have dinner with Eigetsu and Ryuuren. Eigetsu tells them of a rumor about a ghost haunting the Ministry of the Englightened Ones’ Cave (where Shuurei was held when she was kidnapped) being haunted by a ghost, so naturally Ryuuren wants to go investigate after dinner. [facepalm ]  And he walks off leaving all his dirty dishes on the table, too. :/

Shuurei and Eigetsu go to meet Ryuuren in front of the Ministry as per his request but are stopped by two guards. See, people aren’t supposed to be out roaming around that late. It’s suspicious. And with Eigetsu and Shuurei being officials, I imagine they’re supposed to be modeling good behavior. But Ryuuren doesn’t care so he just makes up his own plans without regards for the potential consequences. Thankfully Ryuuki shows up out of the blue and the guards leave. Ryuuki says that he couldn’t sleep so he was taking a walk, and Shuurei says that they’re out late because Ryuuren wanted to hunt a ghost.

The group meets up in front of the cave and Ryuuki offers his chambers to Shuurei and the others, since the ghost doesn’t seem to be making its presence known. Ryuuren accepts, and so the group heads to Ryuuki’s room.

In the next scene, Shuurei explains the mythology around the Eight Colored Enlightened Ones. Apparently the legend goes that sometimes the Enlightened Ones will possess a human’s body, and Shuurei wonders if that’s what happened with her mother’s death and Shuurei’s own recovered health. Ryuuren shares a couple weird experience he had while staying somewhere on a journey, and his stories scare Eigetsu and Ryuuki.

As Shuurei, Eigetsu and Ryuuren are leaving and heading home to the Kou household, a strange man approaches them by the pond. He seems to know who Ryuuren is and vice versa. Who is this person and what does he want with Ryuuren?? When Shuurei approaches him and asks him who he is, the man starts to glow and float up into the sky, then disappears! His final words are: “Those who love this country will undoubtedly be protected by the Eight Colored Enlightened Ones.”   Wait, so they’re real??!

Ryuuren however isn’t phased at all by the ghost and turns to leave. Meanwhile Advisor Sho is hiding behind a tree with what looks like an urn. Did he have a role to play in summoning the ghost?

As he’s leaving the palace grounds, Ryuuren encounters Ryuuki in the forest. Honestly sometimes I feel like this cast spends half their time in the forest or out in the wild somewhere. Maybe they carry a compass to find each other and that’s why the series has so many random encounters in the middle of nowhere?? xD  Anyways, Ryuuki gives Ryuuren a gift to pass on to Shuurei and Eigetsu and asks him to visit them sometime. When Ryuuren questions if he’s being chosen for the task because Ryuuki doesn’t trust Shuuei, Ryuuki corrects him and says Ryuuren is the only person he knows who isn’t tied to the wishes of the seven other clans in Saiunkoku. Only Ryuuren can accomplish this assignment because he does whatever he wants.

Seiran is waiting for Ryuuki when he returns to the palace, quietly sipping on sake out in a pondside terrace. Seiran asks Ryuuki about Ryuuren and whether he shares any similarities to Shuuei.

In the morning, Shuurei and Eigetsu return home. Shouka says that he was worried and that a “guest” stayed and waited up with him. It’s Kuro! Guess he didn’t go home after the Swearing-In ceremony after all like I thought. Kuro is choosing this time to formally introduce himself to Shuurei because he represents the main Kou house. Kuro tells Shuurei that she’ll need their support now that she’s an official, and he pledges that the Kou family will protect the path she chooses with all their strength. Huzzah for family support!

In the closing moments of the episode, we see that Advisor Sho has Enjun Sa’s real ring! Which makes sense, Advisor Sho was with Enjun Sa when he died, so he could’ve pulled it off Enjun’s body after he died.  shudder  We see that the “ghost” Shuurei, Eigetsu and Ryuuren encountered the night before was actually Enjun Sa’s ghost appearing as a younger form! Advisor Sho says that keeping Enjun Sa’s soul, which is horrific and kinda creepy at all once, no??

Sho Taishi (one of the 3 Grand Officials of the Palace) and Advisor Sho are able to talk to Enjun’s ghost When they ask him if he tried to kill Shuurei and overthrow the king in order to create an opportunity to try to bring down the Sa Clan, Enjun doesn’t deny the claim. Advisor Sho is confident that Shuurei and Eigetsu will try to save Sa Province through different means.

Only one more day until departure! Shuurei’s ready to go. ^_^v



shiawase da to ka ureshii toki wa
anata no koto wo omoidasu kara

In times of happiness or joy,
I’ll think of you