Digimon Adventure: (2020) Episode 31

And we’re back after a break for New Years! After EPISODES of no lore, we were finally blessed with another bit of lore expansion. Though, it still is a bit frustrating that despite how many episodes have passed, it still feels like we know absolutely nothing about this world. Especially since the kids really haven’t had a chance to socialize with the inhabitants that much considering so many have just straight up attacked them. And that’s definitely a great weakness in this series. We don’t really get to explore and get to know the environment. Instead, it mostly just feels like a rinse and repeat type of situations with some interesting things thrown in from time to time. Which is a huge shame.

But anyways, back to this episode. A recent comment told me that Lopmon was the pre-evolution to one of the Holy Digimon silhouettes. While I knew Lopmon was Cherubimon because I watched Digimon Frontier and the American Digimon Movie which made an absolute mess of the OVA’s it took from, I did forget that the Holy Digimon were shown before. But that was quite a while ago so I didn’t remember that there were more Holy Digimon involved. And judging from how Lopmon’s memories were brought back by Wargreymon’s evolution, it makes me wonder if there is a Holy Digimon designated to each crest or Chosen One in some regard. Either way, I am excited to see just who the other reincarnated Holy Digimon.

We get a little more info on what transpired in the war between Light and Dark in ancient times. The Holy Digimon lead the battle against the Dark forces and eventually were put up against Milenniumon, who apparently was just a massive, terrifying weapon and I’m pretty sure it’s the thing growing in that dark crystal Skullknightmon has. We also get a glimpse of a counterpart to Angemon as the other Holy Digimon that lead the charge with him amongst all the other megas. Gee, I wonder who that could be and if it could possibly be a partner Digimon to a chosen.

Anyways, the backstory was starting to sound a lot like what happened in The Seven Deadly Sins with the Angel race trying to completely wipe out the Demon race. Though I’m sure in this series, they aren’t planning to go that deep with it. Just a Light vs Dark kind of thing going on. And from how things are set up, I don’t think we’ll be seeing our favorite Elvis impressioning monkey man or terrifying vampire dude who was probably one of the best antagonists in the original series. Sad days. Instead, it seems like we’ll be just getting a weapon of mass destruction that probably won’t have a personality. To which, the antagonists of this series haven’t been that great now that I think about it. Devimon had potential due to his past connection to Angemon. Though it seems like they’ve just dropped that story and I don’t think much will come of it now that he’s gone.

With yet another dark power awakening, frontliners start going after them as Lopmon tries to lead them to safety. The group gets ambushed by Bakemon, who are still as creepy as I remember them being. And not too long after, of course they evolve into their ultimate stages because we just can’t have a Champion battle anymore. I was literally like: I swear if this thing evolves AGAIN- Gosh dang it… With a new evolution just seems to open up the doorway for other Digimon to evolve to the mega stages… which is definitely the problem with this series’ power scaling. I adore Wargreymon, but now that he is now a thing the kids can fall back on to face megas, everyone and their grandmothers can seemingly evolve to the mega stage now. So this makes the big bad bosses look like child’s play, which was something I didn’t want to see in this series. Hopefully this series can surprise me again like it has before, but I am starting to grow a bit tired of this repetitive formula.

In short, the group manages to fend of their attackers after Wargreymon basically curb stomps Gokumon into oblivion. I’m still a bit disappointed that they aren’t utilizing Wargreymon to the fullest. Hopefully they’ll have him do more in fights that matter more, but so far, he’s just been one-shotting everything with little to no effort.

Once things finally settled, Lopmon successfully called upon dog transportation vehicles called Komondomon… which are very weird. Lopmon and the Woodmon go separate ways as Lopmon tells the kids to search out the other Holy Digimon while Taichi figures out the last chosen one is most likely Hikari. Man, this makes me want to watch the original again because I feel like the build ups and pay offs are much more satisfying than what this series has been giving us so far.

I talked about it in an earlier post where I kind of disregarded my theory of Skullknightmon actually being Hikari’s partner, but a comment revealed that Blacktailmon is actually part of what makes up Skullknightmon so I was actually right in my initial theory. And boy did they hint HARD at it being Skullknightmon this episode. As Lopmon’s awakened memories was felt by not only Patamon, but also Skullknightmon. I think at this point, it’s safe to say Skullknightmon is the corrupted form of Hikari’s partner. In any case, I do hope we can be a little more on track with the Skullknightmon and Hikari arc. Though it may still remain on the back burner since the whole thing about the space station being threatened is still a problem. Sigh… if it’s not one thing, it’s another…


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