Digimon Adventure: (2020) Episode 32

This was a pretty interesting episode and I actually enjoyed most of it. Probably because it actually felt more character driven rather than random Digimon attacks the kids. (Which did happen, but there was more character growth involved) The episode revolves around Takeru and Patamon’s growth as partners. I was actually surprised at how much I came to care about Patamon in this episode.

Patamon has been having a lot of trouble ever since his fight with Darkknightmon and either it’s because the dark power caused internal damage or there is inner turmoil going on with Patamon. He seems to be lacking in a lot of power he showed having in earlier episodes and it’s taking a toll on him emotionally as he can’t protect Takeru like this. Especially since he failed at doing anything against Fangmon when they were being chased.

And I absolutely loved the moment where Lopmon was trying to reach out to Patamon to try and help him via the telepathic powers of a Holy Digimon. I also couldn’t help but feel so bad for Patamon because he’s trying his best, but just can’t quite keep up with everything that’s going on. Not to mention it seemed like he suffered quite a bit in his past life with how much he had to endure while captured. Even shifting to his dark form for a brief time but was somehow able to hold on against it. After reading Lopmon’s explanation of Patamon’s debuff, I think I was able to understand why Patamon was struggling so much. The strain and stress of enduring so many difficulties cost Patamon quite a deal of his power, which is why he struggled against Darkknightmon when in his debut he was able to put up a much tougher fight. Poor Patamon… he’s endured so much…

I’ve noticed this for a while, but I feel like this series is focusing more on developing the Digimon character-wise rather than the kids. Back when Agumon went on a rampage after Taichi got eaten, I felt so much for Agumon and his bond with Taichi where him yelling out for Taichi made me tear up. In this episode I felt so much for Patamon after seeing glimpses of what he went through in the past and just how powerless he started feeling. And just hearing how hopeless Patamon sounded just made me want to hug him. However, Lopmon told him not to worry as his partnership with Takeru will awaken a different power inside of him. At first I was like: What other power are they talking about??? And I feel like I was more surprised than I should have been when they revealed that power. But I’ll get to that later.

I am wondering if we’ll meet the other reincarnated Holy Digimon since they seem to be very important in the whole scheme of things. Even if they take on more of the role of guides, it would still be interesting to learn more about and from them.

We get some development between Patamon and Takeru and I think was the first time where they actually felt like partners rather than Takeru just having Patamon fight back. It was very sweet of Takeru to sit down and try and encourage Patamon to just keep trying while also reassuring he’ll always be by his side. It was a very touching moment, probably one of the best the series has done between partner kids and Digimon so far that isn’t Taichi.

The enemy Digimon of the week is Cerberumon and man is that thing cool. I was familiar with it, but I couldn’t remember which season he appeared in. So I went looking and he apparently was the first enemy Digimon to appear in Frontier. I absolutely love this thing’s design… even if they drew him a bit derpy in this series. Which is a bit irritating. Also, why does this series feel the need to make high level Digimon ENORMOUS??? Back in Frontier, Cerbermon was probably about the size of a tiger if not a little bit bigger. But here, he’s like as big as Metalgreymon and Garudamon combined. Digimon 2020 WHY???? Bigger doesn’t necessarily mean more powerful! Stop this nonsense! You’ve already 10x enlarged Wargreymon, why are you doing it to other Digimon too???

I really liked this fight scene a lot more than the recent fights that have been happening since there seems to be a bit more movement involved. Not only that, I think it’s nice to see a bit more teamwork happening rather than one Digimon tanking everyone. And while I often complain about the overuse of laser beams, at least they switched things up a little bit by using those heads on Cerbermon to use as retractable weapons. So the fight felt a bit more dynamic. Not to mention that Taichi and Sora were not accompanying their Digimon in battle and were left riding on the dog vehicle made things a bit more believable. Though I couldn’t help but chuckle at the redundancy of Sora constantly getting hurt and falling over. Also when she told Takeru to run my immediate response was: Run where, Sora? You’re all on a moving vehicle!

Anyways, we have another touching moment with Takeru being an encouragement and hope to Patamon. I really am loving the dynamic of the kids inspiring the Digimon and it just makes their relationship all the more heartfelt… even if I don’t really care for the kids’ character-wise. And I admit the moment when Patamon said he could fight even if he’s not Angemon gave me all sorts of feels. But OH SNAP, I did NOT expect Pegasmon to make an appearance, even though I felt like it should have been obvious. I guess I was just too in the moment. I didn’t click with me what Patamon would turn into until it was revealed and I was just shook. A nice little callback to Digimon Adventure 02. It makes me wonder if the other Digimon can use different evolutions or if this is just an exclusive ability just for Patamon. Though I did burst out laughing when Pegasmon used a Sonic spin dash to attack… with Takeru on his back. You really going to spin like that with Takeru on your back?! That boy would have been shot off in an instant lol.

Overall, I ended up really liking this episode and I definitely feel more attached to Patamon as a character now. I enjoy the more character driven episodes and this was no exception. Not to mention we get to learn a little bit of what Patamon went through all those years ago during the war. I’m glad he can be happy with Takeru by his side now. HE DESERVES THE WORLD. In any case, looks like we’re finally getting back on track with the Hikari plotline so I can’t wait to see what happens there.


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4 thoughts on “Digimon Adventure: (2020) Episode 32

  1. I feel that Patamon will save the Angemon transformation for big fights as it probably takes a lot of energy to be a Holy Digimon with the crazy feats accompanying it. Or maybe Pegasmon will become HolyAngemon. I guess that could work as well.

    1. Yeah, I’m sure Angemon will come back again during crucial moments since it would just feel wrong to not see him and Angewomon side-by-side.

  2. Again, why do they need to change the size of the Digimon. It’s already bad enough with Wargreymon, but now, even Pegasmon? Come on! What’s with the change?! If they think that making them bigger would make them appear more powerful, I beg to differ! At least allow them able to change their body size at will!

    Putting that aside, the episode is satisfying. I’m happy to see Takeru and Patamon’s growth. My favorite pair! Since Patamon is able to evolve into Pegasmon, I guess that means Tailmon later will be able to evolve into Nefertimon.

    By the way, has it been decided how many episodes this reboot will have? The previous Digimon series have around 50s episodes. But going by the pacing so far, I don’t feel that 50 episodes would suffice. And I’m also worry that it might end faster.

    1. Yeah, I’m surprised at how much I liked this episode and the Takeru and Patamon pair is just so wholesome, I love it. Pegasmon doesn’t look TOO much bigger than his original appearance, but he is slightly bigger. At least he didn’t get the random growth spurt as Cerbermon who is WAY BIGGER than his original appearance.

      I think it was settled on 66 episodes (which is a lot), which will give this series a little more time to wrap things up. But considering the pacing issues it seems to have, I wouldn’t be too surprised if they’ll rush the ending.

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