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Episode 41

I really don’t have much or anything to to say about this one besides the fact it was cute. However I must confess, I found it a bit painful at first to watch Noriko struggle with managing the children. It was a completely mess because she was letting them dictate the pace. So when the girls came in to do a puppet show, Yuri’s ability to quickly get the children under control made her feel ashamed of herself. So Kumojacky finds her, turns her into a monster and the children freak out. When she doesn’t come to their cries, Hiro, one of the children who really adore her was the first to courageously run out and start taking a fit at the monster. Before long the rest of the children followed and it was both funny and really sweet to watch them go after the Dessertian trying to get their beloved teacher back. So when she finally came to, it was very heartwarming to see the children expressing concern for her, even asking if she needed a longer nap.

Episode 42

Another sweet episode, this time introducing us to Hayato a young boy who has always played with Yuri. He wrote her a love letter in hopes to confess his feelings, but botched it when he delivered it unaddressed. The girls were tempted but advised to not read it by Yuri, but Potpourri ignored that and read it out loud anyways, WHELP. At least they came clean to him about it when he went back to find it, and learned it was addressed to Yuri. Sure enough the girls wanted to do what they could to help him out, so an operation was set into order so he could be given a chance to deliver it to her personally. It was also fun to see the girls trying their best to help him with the confession. It reminded me of the episodes where Erika and Tsubomi were excitedly watching a proposal waiting to happen.

And while Hayato may be just a kid, he is such a good boy. Keep up this attitude, and he will make a fine man when he grows up. I have to hand it to him for his courage to confess in the first place, and later follow through with it and handled her rejection with such maturity. He was satisfied with just letting her know about his feelings, and instead promises to become the perfect man who can protect her. WHAT A SWEETHEART. He was happy to see that Yuri has been in higher spirits as of the late, as he felt powerless when he has seen how sad she had been since her father disappeared.

On the more serious note, the Dark Precure is back, and she is stronger than ever. It’s pretty alarming to see how she didn’t even have to lift a finger, just open her eyes (which both are yellow now) and just with that alone, she blew the girls away and helped Cobraja get away.


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