Heartcatch Precure Ep 39 & 40

Episode 39

It’s no secret that Erika’s character is a controversial one that has the fandom split between her attitude. Some people love her, some like myself feel indifferent, while others have developed an unfavorable opinion. But this time, regardless how you feel about her, I think we can agree this episode really didn’t do her any favors for her character.

For some, this could be considered as a minor offense, so it really varies from person to person, but for me, this was certainly one of those times when even I couldn’t help but think this was one of those times Erika was being a bit much. Apart from inappropriately playing around with the precure tact in hopes to use it for clean-up, my issue was with how she had the audacity to tell Coffret to clean up for her because she was too lazy to do it herself. So Coffret’s frustration to her attitude was absolutely justified and had every reason to leave the house to blow off some steam, even if it meant taking the tact with him, because it was not his responsibility to clean up her mess and do her chores.

Of course we know they care for each other, so by the end of the episode, the two made up with each other again. But what bothered me was that that Erika never apologized for her unreasonable demands, and even tried to get him to help her out again when she got home which just goes to show she didn’t understand why he left in the first place. That being said, they aren’t the only ones who have had their spats. It wasn’t that long ago when Potpourri got all upset about not being able to spend time with Itsuki and ran away. So this was just another one of those incidents, but unfortunately no apology or acknowledgement of one’s mistake came out of it. So this episode ended up being one of those where I’m not really a fan with the way they resolved the conflict.

Episode 40

Today the Desertians have lost Sasorina. Admittedly it took a bit longer than expected, but I absolutely loved the way they went about it, because they managed to make the whole process of Sasorina being purified a bittersweet one.

What made her parting so touching was how Kumojacky and Cobraja were trying to protect her in their own way. Although I wasn’t exactly fond of how aloof the trio were, one of the things I really liked about this bunch was how they actually do care about each other. That was why I really appreciated how this episode showed their humane side. Kumojacky and Cobraja aren’t jerks. They knew Sasorina wasn’t in the condition to fight against the precure, so they wanted Professor Saabaku to demote he so she could return the safety of Castle Planet.

But since she insisted one last chance, they did what they could to support her by entrusting her additional dark bracelets in hopes it would be enough to help her get the win. They were also careful to warn her that it would be too much on her body, so if she was going to use it, she needed to be quick about it. In the end, just as she was able to land what could have been a finishing blow, she ran out of time and lost her opportunity.

It was a nice touch to see Cobraja had thought about intervening so he could support her, but ultimately Kumojacky stopped him, recognizing Sasorina had tried her best, and it was time to let her go so she could be free. So instead of shaming her for failing to carry out the mission, the two of them made sure to be by her side till the very end. Admittedly even though this was for the best, it did make me tear up a bit to see Kumojacky holding her in his arms, and her crying and thanking them for their support before disappearing. Perhaps the one surprise they may have not necessarily expected was to see her heartflower (Katakuri), which returned to her original body who describes having been trapped in a nightmare for god knows how long.

Apart from that, I don’t know about you, but I was glad to see Itsuki had decided to give up her position as Student Council President. Even though she had decided not to run again so she can focus on her precure duties, she deserves to have a bit more freedom in her life to do the things she wants to do.


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