The Promised Neverland 2nd Season Episode 2

A slower episode compared to all the chasing and excitement from last time, where we learn something really interesting, and Emma faces a tough moment that is also important for their survival.

Both Sonju and Mujika seem like friendly individuals, helping the children out with survival aspects such as showing which fauna to look out for, how to make a map, shoot arrows, and cook. I didn’t feel anything strange from them, such as them maybe hiding something or just being suspicious but for some reason I still can’t fully trust them. I just feel like they’re hiding something, but I don’t know what. I do like them though, especially Sonju. I don’t think he held anything back from the story he told Emma and Ray, but there’s still things to consider. I keep going back and forth so I’m not sure haha.

Apparently Sonju and Mujika don’t eat humans because of religious reasons, and that’s hilariously simple. But, I do like that there really are demons out there that don’t want to eat humans. However, I just get this feeling that both Sonju and Mujika used to be human and I can’t really explain why. There’s just something about them that makes me feel that way.

So for much longer than they thought, human farms have existed for 1000 years. We learn much more about this world, starting with that there is a part of the world where humans live in peace, and another side only for the demons. The two groups used to live side by side before things turned violent. They finally came to an agreement to live apart from each other, and to make sure the demons won’t attack them again, humans left behind some of their own for them to be bred and farmed. Which is…honestly so horrible to think about. Grace Field is the best of the best, but there’s still plenty of other farms out there. Here I thought that Emma and Ray would be a little discouraged, but it actually made them even more confident. They’ll look at any piece of hope and latch onto it with dear life, which makes me both happy and sad. This is great and all that there’s a safe human area, but Sonju mentions that no one has ever gone back and forth between the threshold. And…we can’t even be sure if this human-only area still exists after all this time, and it’s not like they even know where it is. So there’s still so much uncertainty and I would have expected them to keep this in mind and maybe even question it too, but Emma made such a grandiose speech so we’ll have to see what’ll happen.

The children end up learning lots of new things, and it was sweet (and funny) that Gilda called out Emma’s recklessness, which I’m glad she did. Both she and Ray are too impulsive and while they care about everyone else a lot, they don’t really take their feelings into account when they do stupid stuff like last episode, or not say anything when they feel bad. Man, they’re all so sweet and cute I’m really going to suffer when one of them dies eventually. I can just feel it…

The other highlight of the episode had to be the end when Emma hunted with Sonju. My heart kind of dropped when Sonju took out the flower and instructed Emma what to do with it. It was all just so symbolic with Emma not wanting to take a life but knowing she had to for survival, but she definitely saw herself and her past siblings as the bird so I can’t even imagine how she felt when she jabbed the flower through its heart. Also, learning that the flower can only work when the prey is alive just makes it all worse. It just brings me back to that scene of her and Norman finding Conny in the first episode of last season and how horrific it was. Emma’s smile at the very end when she returns back to the group just says it all, with her trying her best to stay strong in front of everyone but there’s so much pain in that smile. It’s really heartbreaking and I feel for Emma, it’s just miserable what these poor children had to go through and what they continue to go through. What a crappy world.

It looks like they’re going to venture out in the forest next time, and the demon pursuers are out and saw the etching Ray left behind on the tree so I’m worried what’ll happen next. I hope Sonju and Mujika don’t leave their sides just yet!


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