The Promised Neverland Season 2 Episode 3

See, as nice as Sonju and Mujika were, I knew I couldn’t totally trust them. Moreso Sonju than Mujika, who didn’t really seem to share Sonju’s sentiments. It sucks to know that him being helpful was for bad reasons. I knew there was something strange, and I still had that awful sinking feeling the entire episode. Even when the children were smiling and laughing and found their shelter, there was just a really bad feeling in the pit of my stomach and I knew something bad was going to happen. So far the kids are okay, but that ending makes me nervous for the future.

It seems that Sonju is going to continue to be helpful for the children, as we saw him take down their pursuers in the forest. On one hand it’s like, thanks I guess. But knowing his true intentions, it feels scummy and I don’t even know how to feel. He won’t touch them because their doctrine says that there’s no problem eating natural humans, not farmed ones. Emma and the others are farmed creations so they’re off limits. He’s eagerly awaiting the next generation of their offspring so he can hunt them down, and we can see he’s desperate enough for human flesh. That shot of his teeth was terrifying. Mujika doesn’t seem that way at all and doesn’t show any interest. She seemed to really share a bond with the others, with Emma. I couldn’t help but go AHHH and point at the screen when Emma said that Mujika didn’t really seem like a demon, just going back to my theory that maybe Mujika (at least) was once human. She did say that this was the first time she’s ever met and spoken with humans, but I don’t know. Still interesting to think about.

The children end up making it to their destination, only to find themselves in the middle of nothingness. It wasn’t until they figured it out and found the entrance to the underground shelter that things finally fell into place for them. This whole time I was thinking it was just too good to be true, what with all the showers, the garden, the kitchen, and all that. Everyone was too happy and I was expecting something to just jump out at them and someone to just die. Good thing to know my suspicions were warranted what with the ending.

The theory for whatever this shelter is that this is probably another farm. It seemed to look a little too similar to Grace House, and that secret tunnel was just too strange. Funny that none of them even mentioned it to the others. Whoever William Minerva is, I don’t think he should be trusted. That bloody room with scratch marks and HELP written on the wall certainly isn’t good, and that one room with the phone is weird. It could be that Minerva is running his own farm for his own benefit (like his life after escaping). Considering Emma and the others come from Grace House, the best farm in terms of quality, and they were smart enough to escape and decipher the morse code that Minerva left for them, they’re probably the best in terms of meat grade. As gross as this sounds, their brains are probably mighty tasty right now. So this was probably a trap set right from the start, though it’s crazy because it’s not like kids escaped from Grace House all the time, so was this supposed farm actually viable? All I know, something bad is going to happen soon and I’m scared for these kids. It makes me wonder too, is Minerva even a human. It points that he most likely is, why else would all his stuff be in Grace Field. But honestly, who the hell knows.

I knew bad things were going to happen, so yeah I’m nervous. Still, I can’t wait for what’s next~


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