Look at him. Look at naked Legoshi!

Why does he look like a puppy? I love it. He kind of looks funny but I love it. This is why Gouhin is the best.

In a surprising turn of events, other than the new do, Legoshi has returned back to Cherryton but is also going through some rigorous training. Being serious in the path he’s taken of wanting to protect the herbivores, Gouhin has put him under training for him to suppress his carnivorous instincts. It’s already taking a toll on Legoshi and it’ll only get worse, which is a scary thought. If he can barely resist a piece of meat in front of him, what else will Gouhin make him endure? His training itself is pretty insane, with it taking up pretty much all his time after school to the next morning, with practically no sleep. I feel like it’s really going to take its toll on him but I am excited to see how he’ll evolve after all this. Gouhin does bring up a pretty good point in that carnivores do need meat for growth and strength, and that’s pretty much true in real life with animals. It’s why you can’t exactly give your pet dog a full vegetarian or vegan meal, unless you want them to die of malnutrition. Sure, things do work a little differently in this world what with the school not serving meat at all, but I wonder how this will all affect Legoshi in the end.

The conversation between Louis and Juno was pretty surprising. Juno isn’t exactly happy with Louis’ decision and wants him to open his eyes, and do what he wants in life. Not let society dictate what he’s supposed to do and go with the flow, but actually seizing his chance and dictating his own life. Considering the rivalry between them, this outburst and genuine worry from Juno was a pleasant surprise. Though I guess Juno did respect Louis, despite their confrontation last season, and him suddenly leaving was shocking as well as disappointing. Also was it just me or was there some shipping feelings there? Hmm…

But I’m loving this side of Louis. And I’ll be honest, I’m sort of more interested in Louis’ side of things so far. In the first season, he was a character that seemed to have all things figured out. He was this “veil” that hid the truth that instincts and power weren’t the only things that mattered. But to him, that seems to be it. He’s slowly losing himself and is taking this chance at power within the Leo Group in order to be something. The confrontation with his father was huge and I can’t wait to see what happens next. And again, I also want to see how Ibuki and Louis’ friendship really blooms. Ibuki seems super supportive of Louis what with him threatening Free over his comment. Just in general, I really want to see Ibuki’s perspective and thoughts on all of this, and I can’t get over the ED’s visuals.

And then we have Pina. I think I’m finally starting to understand what is up with his guy, other than he’s kind of an asshole. It seems that he’s also trying to solve the mystery behind Tem’s murder, and Legoshi is probably his suspect right now. At first their conversation was just silly but the second Pina started talking about getting eaten and turning off the lights, sort of recreating what happened with Tem I knew that that’s what he was getting at. Could he be Tem’s friend or relative? Either way, he’s got eyes on Legoshi so Pina isn’t going away any time soon. And man, that scene in the dark had quite some tension. I know because Pina was just egging him on, but maybe because it was in the dark and Pina’s voice got soft that it had some weird sexual tension. I don’t know, this guy just wants to…have fun. ( ͡~ ͜ʖ ͡°)

And this is a thought, but I wonder if the security guard saw the attack on Legoshi. I’m actually pretty surprised he hasn’t gone to ask her since she is the security guard and is always out at night. She may have seen something, so I wonder if we’ll get to see her again. C’mon Legoshi, use your bald head!


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  1. Vance

    It wasn’t just you, Berry. I also felt some shipping energy there.

    Juno’s taste is very strange. I would not describe Legoshi’s shaved look to be stylish and hot.

    Pina egging Legoshi on was weird, and I also thought there was some odd sexual tension there. I don’t know if that was intentional though.

    Like you, I find the developments around Louis to be the most interesting part of the second cour so far. Maybe things will pick up for Legoshi’s side of things when Legoshi no longer lusts for meat and starts eating meat secretly as Gouhin suggests that he do. That is the point of Gouhin’s training after all.

    1. Berry

      Lol Juno is still obsessed with Legoshi so I guess her reaction makes sense. It was pretty funny that she was basically the only one that loved his new look. Now I wonder how Haru would react to it.
      This is Beastars, there’s always going to be some weird underlying sexual tension. I’d at least like to think it was intentional…just because haha.

      Legoshi’s declaration to not eat meat seems strong, but there may come a time he’ll cave. And yeah, I hope we get more on Louis’ side of things. I feel like there’s so much going on. Maybe while Legoshi is busy in his training arc we’ll get more Louis.

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