Beastars Season 2 Episode 6

Oh, Juno…please just give it up. This is just getting painful to watch. Legoshi’s obliviousness seriously knows no bounds, as well as his tunnel vision. He’s definitely not doing this on purpose, but c’mon Legoshi, read the room!

Darn, I was really hoping that we would spend more time with Louis after such an exciting cliffhanger. Instead of signing a paper for a withdrawal, Oguma signed for a temporary leave. This isn’t their last showdown, but Louis seems to have found his place within the Leo Group. Again, I’d love to spend more time on Louis’ side and see how he grows within the group, and see the friendship between him and Ibuki bloom like the ED hints at. We’re halfway through the season and we still have many things on the table so I’m not sure how it’ll go.

I had wondered what Haru would think about Legoshi’s new look and surprisingly she likes it. Though I didn’t expect her to describe it as businessman-like. Their relationship has taken a bit of a halt ever since Legoshi stopped the kiss and questioned her feelings on Louis. She still never gave her answer to that, but her reaction to the bombshell in the library at least shows that she does have her heart set on our awkward wolf boy. And…my god is he awkward and strange. I didn’t see the marriage proposal coming, and I’m not even sure if I should even take it seriously. And while this is huge, my favorite part out of that entire exchange was that tiny guy in the library tripping and dropping all his books when hearing it. It made me laugh way harder than I probably should have and his reaction was such a mood.

I do think Legoshi and Haru are a pretty cute couple, but I think Legoshi’s mindset needs some work. He’s skipping way too many steps, and they do seem to like each other mutually, but jumping into marriage is way too fast. Wait, wasn’t that the premise for that Tonikawa anime? I haven’t seen that one, but it sounds similar.

I am curious to see how their relationship will grow from here. Haru hasn’t really been prominent in this season, and again we have so many things going on right now. Legoshi is getting strong for her sake and we’ve seen how much he’s been working for it, but Haru just wants to hang out with him. Their priorities and mindset are kind of different from each other, which is why the whole marriage thing is a little baffling. It’s not like getting married will fix that. They have feelings for each other, but they’re not totally on the same page yet. This could possibly pose some problems later down the line, but we’ll see.

Legoshi officially has finished phase one of his training. He’s completely won over his desire for meat, being able to touch the meat without problem. Mentally, he’s gotten so strong to refuse his instincts and he even went out of his way to bury the pieces of meat. It’s admirable that he did that, and even taking the time to learn about the people behind the meat. In the best way to describe it, he’s totally “humanized” (haha) them and sees them not as a herbivore, but just as another being that lived a life like him. They may have been an herbivore, but they used to be another being like him, and that’s how everyone should be seen as. Not as herbivore vs carnivore, but just as an animal being. And of course that’s how it should be like, but the ending of the episode came back to bite him (haha) and puts this all into question.

He’s getting stronger mentally, but at what cost? The ending was a big shock considering we’ve seen Legoshi go toe to toe with Bill before no problem. I had the same idea that this would have been the perfect opportunity to use the Jaw War game to maybe figure out the attacker. But to everyone’s surprise, the game ended in a split second. I don’t think it’s a lack of sleep that messed with Legoshi’s jaw strength. It could be because of the training he did in suppressing his carnivorous instincts, that in turn affected something like his jaw strength. It seems this training can cause some unexpected consequences, and whether this is a good or bad thing I guess depends. He’s getting stronger mentally, but he’s gotten weaker physically at the same time. And will that really help him with what he wants to do in the long term? Because whether he likes it or not, physical strength is pretty important in this world, especially when he has a target on his back. This could prove to be a huge setback.


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  1. Vance says:

    I really think it’s the lack of sleep that is effecting Legoshi here. He is basically staying up at all hours. I am not surprised at all that he became quite a bit weaker. I guess he could come to the conclusion that Bill is the attacker because he was so much stronger than him, but I think their fight in the past showed that Bill wasn’t THAT much stronger than Legoshi. Legoshi talking about a future marriage with Haru is something I relate with given that when I had a break in mental health I had someone I wanted to marry even though we didn’t even know each other very well. Those were dark times, and I lost the only job I ever enjoyed at the time.

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