Beastars Season 2 Episode 9

I was wondering if we were ever going to get a reunion with Legoshi and Louis this season. Of course it wasn’t going to go smoothly either, but maybe Legoshi said enough to at least make Louis help with the Riz situation.

Legoshi continues his training while also helping Gouhin out with the rehabilitation. He’s gotten a lot stronger and has really been perfecting his new fighting style, which is basically like martial arts. One thing I really liked seeing was one of Gouhin’s patients come in for her medicine. We’ve seen plenty of animals currently addicted to meat, but we actually have never seen any of Gouhin’s patients recovering from their addiction. It can kind of make you forget that he’s a rehab doctor haha. His whole philosophy on the rehabilitation is interesting and can kind of be a nod to the judicial system (Japan’s, USA’s, you name it). Instead of simply punishing them for what they’ve done, he wants to give them another chance. It can get kinda tricky because some of them are killers, but not all of them are either. Some are just carnivores that came to the night market to eat meat and got too addicted to it. This whole thing can be an allegory to how we treat drug addicts as well by incarcerating them instead of getting them proper treatment. Of course, this can be said about the judicial system as a whole, rehabilitating those incarcerated rather than simply punishing them and them not really learning…but that’s a whole different can of worms I don’t think I should get into! Still, it’s great insight.

Louis and Legoshi reunite after so long. I have to admit, it was kind of cute that Legoshi couldn’t stop his tail from wagging because of how happy he was that he found him. Boy was about to be beaten to a bloody pulp and yet he was so happy. Ohh Legoshi, you are so honest.

Louis has already accepted his place into the Leo Group, as well as a new beacon for herbivores in the night market. He says this but I wish we actually got to see how the herbivores have reacted to this. I’m sure with Louis as the leader of such a prominent group, there’s more regulation and less abusive practices to take place. With an herbivore as a leader, it builds a sense of trust in all of them and peace of mind. But again, it would be nice to see all this. Louis refuses to leave and pushes Legoshi to be a hero outside of the walls, like he’s a hero inside the walls. Of course, Legoshi refuses this and before making his escape, he tells Louis about finding Tem’s murderer. Gouhin told him to find allies to help him and possibly getting the help of Louis (and maybe the rest of the group) would be huge. Louis showed regret and pain over Tem’s death so this piece of news might just be enough to make Louis budge. But man I loved their interaction. Conversations between these two always ends up gripping. And Legoshi had a good grip on that hug~

Riz is going to lose it, I swear. Legoshi lets his emotions get the better of him at the end and thankfully Pina came to his aid and diffused the situation. But I feel like there’s going to be a boiling point veeeery soon.

And lastly, I have to touch on the Tao and Bidi scene. It was very short but my favorite scene in the episode. It plays into what Gouhin was saying, and this scene happened afterwards too. Tao did get punished with suspension, but in the end Bidi didn’t hate him for it. He still saw him as a friend and wanted him to touch his hand. He knew that he wasn’t the only one who was going through a hard time, acknowledging Tao’s hardships as well. While this situation was the last straw to push the school to possible segregation, them linking hands signifies their unity and acceptance, and forgiveness. Tao deserves another chance, and if something like this incident isn’t enough to want the students to segregate, then I don’t know what will.



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