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Episode 43

Aye, Tsubomi’s mom is pregnant and that means she is going to be an older sister! And she couldn’t be more excited! Her mother will be staying with her husband’s family for the time being, so the shop and house work is left to Tsubomi and her father. It was nice to see the two spend some quality time together.

However the prospects of a new arrival isn’t always the exciting news for some, especially when the reality of just how much life changes. This was the case for Kasumi, a young girl, who felt like her newborn sister took her parents away from her once they became too preoccupied to give her any attention. Fortunately, thanks to the help of Tsubomi and her father, things were able to be sorted out and Kasumi became determined to be a dependable big sister.

Overall was a nice episode, but I have to say, I really appreciated the very subtle detail that pointed to Tsubomi’s father being concerned about Kasumi. He noticed the drawings, looked at the shop and then where her parents were. He recognized that the child was feeling lonely and forgotten, probably recognizing from his own mistakes of having belated realized just how lonely Tsubomi was when he and his wife would travel for work.

Episode 44

This was a fun episode since we got to see granny in her glorious and youthful form as Cure Flower. If I haven’t said it already, gosh I love her design, it’s so pretty. Though I have to admit, they really pulled my heart-strings again seeing Coppe in his form as her late husband and while she’s in her precure form. MY EMOTIONS MAN. It kind of hits harder for me when I see her in her youthful state.

The opportunity came about when Tsubomi wanted to Mayuka’s wish to meet the Precure come true. She is a shy child who had a bad habit of constantly lying in effort to make friends/gain attention, and so Tsubomi told her that in order to meet them, she needed to promise to stop lying. And to her credit she did. Even after the girls showed up, she came out clean to the kids how she wasn’t actually friends with the Precure, and how they were merely granting her wish. It takes courage to do that, and I applaud her for doing it, which made it a great conclusion to conflict.

That said, this episode wasn’t perfect as there were a few things that made me raise a brow when they glossed over the obvious solutions to some of the earlier problems. Like come on, did they really have to wait till Itsuki got there to show up as the Precure in front of Mayuka? Couldn’t they just say Itsuki was running late? And sure enough, with Potpourri flying in, they would have had a justified reason to have to cut the meeting short. It would be a different matter altogether if Erika and Yuri weren’t there, but they were. The whole excuse not to appear yet felt really silly to me because they were really trying hard to set up the stage for Granny to have an excuse to take on her form as Cure Flower again. But honestly, they didn’t even need to do that. They had a justified reason for her to do it beyond filling in for the girls. Kumojacky and Cobraja teamed up and actually beat the girls in the first round today. They were completely frozen in place and it took Cure Flower to release them from it. But the one thing they did do right with how they brought about Cure Flower’s brief return was pointing out that borrowing Coppe’s power isn’t enough to finish the job. It takes a lot of energy and power, so it only makes sense that the girls are the ones who need to purify the enemy.

But the best part of the episode was when Kumojacky and Cobraja were able to be so successful when they worked together. I really enjoy seeing the two kick ass, though they had an unfortunate timing and meeting to have to meet Cure Flower of all people. Additionally, we also go to see the big baddie appear, Dune – who actually walked passed Tsubomi earlier on in the episode. I actually like that we’re seeing him show up at a time when we see Granny in her form of Cure Flower. While she won’t be the one fighting this time, it’s still neat to see two legendary faces confronting each other once more.

Whew, we’re finally past this filler-esque phase and it’s time to kick things into high gear as set the stage for the upcoming final boss fight! LET’S GO!


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    Fun fact – all the lead Cures using flower theme, except for Nodoka, are older sisters.

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