Heartcatch Precure Ep 45 & 46


This is probably among some of my favourite final battles from the Precure series. Even after 10 years, the build up to the final fight still impresses me. The way Dune just takes over the world and turns it upside down overnight is freaking terrifying, but it is also an awesome display of his powers. The only reason why the girls were able to escape unscathed was thanks to Coppe’s great powers to create a safe haven at the botanical gardens. And I have to say, it was so smart of them to continuously show us over the course of the show of just how powerful Coppe is. By doing so, the fact he was able to ward off Dune’s attacks and protect the girls and the gardens makes complete sense. So I really appreciate that!

Another thing I have always liked was how the ones who survived Dune’s wrath were the ones who had been saved by the Precure over the course of the show. Because they were saved, their Hearts had become stronger and more resilient, so they didn’t turn into crystals like the other folks had. I think that’s a beautiful way to show how each of these individuals have grown from that experience.

Dune appearing like a child was only because he had been waiting to get the remaining bit of his power that had been sealed away in Kaoruko’s necklace. Once he obtained that and crushed it, he regaining his true form as an handsome adult. He is fineeee~ But boy were the girls terribly naive to think they could defeat him at that moment. Especially Erika, that was terribly reckless and stupid of her to not recognize how dangerous he is. He is a big-shot, why do you think Cure Flower had such a hard time defeating him on her own? It sure didn’t take him long to knock them out of their Precure forms. I felt bad for Kaoruko though, because it’s pretty awful to watch the children and her grandchild be taken out by the enemy she wasn’t able to finish off fifty years ago. To make matters worse, Dune took her captive, because he wants her to have the front row seat of everything she has fought to protect fall into ruins. It sure didn’t take him long to take out the Heart Tree, in fact it was almost sad how fast that thing went down. Snapping his fingers smashed the barriers, and then managed to make it wilt in one shot. However despite having fallen, the Heart Tree is still breathing. So as long as there are strong Hearts, it’s still alive. So now the next step after the desertification of the Earth is to ensure all Humanity has fallen into deep despair.

Now the girls and Coppe have set off to outer-space to invade the Dune’s Mothership.

Man, the fights were so good. It was emotional to watch (I even teared up a bit), but it was so beautifully done that the Generals had such a satisfying end. When I think about the more recent Precure title’s I’ve watched in the last few years, when I watched this episode, I realized just how much I really missed and longed for more individual one on one fights like we got in this one. While there is nothing wrong with the girls grouping up as a united force to take out their opponent, it’s not the same as getting the chance to see their respective individual growth and capabilities of fighting on their own. Erika’s fight with Kumojacky was incredibly satisfying to watch, because she has always been a strong and badass fighter, and seeing her actually punch him in the face was pretty hilarious.

But you know what I really loved? The words she said to Kumojacky. Strength doesn’t come from just being strong, it comes with having an unwavering resolve, the conviction to see something through for something greater. For Erika, she wants to protect the world and live happily with everyone. And the same can be said about Itsuki. Her fight with Cobraja was fantastic, but rather than Itsuki herself, I was more impressed with Cobraja. It was exciting to see him show off what he has always been capable of. His creepy expressions made it chilling but also more fun to watch. And just like Kumojacky’s Cobraja’s defeat was just as satisfying and beautiful to watch.

I am glad that this episode didn’t try to cram every single battle into one episode, the long awaited rematch we have been waiting for between Yuri and the Dark Precure is a longtime coming, and deserves an episode solely dedicated to that fight. But that’s not the only thing that will be addressed. Granny has seen through Professor Sabaaku’s heart, and pieced together who he is. Once you have that, it doesn’t take much to connect the dots as to why she plead Tsubomi to make sure that Sabaaku and Yuri do not fight each other. At long last, we’re also going to learn the truth about why the Dark Precure was created in the first place!

Three more episodes guys! 😀 We’re almost done! Depending on the length of each one, and how much time I have, I might try doing a triple entry to finish off the coverage.


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