Urasekai Picnic – Episode 11

It’s time for the military rescue mission and boy am I stressed. There are so many things that can go wrong on their way back to their world. In addition to all creatures of the Otherside, what happens if any of the Marines go crazy? That’s certainly not going to end well for any one! Also, I straight up want to say that the music for this episode was fantastic. It really amped up that stress factor and definitely helped build the stress throughout the episode. 

I’m still thoroughly confused about Lady Hasshaku’s hat because I’m pretty sure that was lost in the Beach episode. But since it’s a supernatural hat, I’ll go ahead and just assume that by those same powers it managed to find its way back to them. And since these episodes are episodic rather than arc based, they probably didn’t bother to show how it came back to them. I’ll just believe Akari had something to do with it. Either way, it came in handy in helping them find the base once more which led us to the real meat of the episode. 

Toriko and Sorao initially planned to head to the Otherside during the day, but I appreciate that once they made it over that the area was completely dark. Now, is that because of the timing of the Otherside? Or is it just the particular area that they had entered in. I wouldn’t be surprised if there were certain areas that were permanently dark or permanently day. I know if I were stuck in a never ending day / night that’d probably cause me to lose my mind. But thankfully they were able to navigate to the train tracks without much struggle. The terrain to get there had changed, but there weren’t any monsters coming after them. Of course they do have to worry about the soldiers who may not trust them. And let’s be honest, I can totally understand why they might not trust two shadowy figures. 

But they seem more than willing to let two random girls help them get out of the situation. Granted, I feel at this point, they are really willing to try anything to get out there. Sure, Toriko and Sorao have strange powers and completely disappeared on them, but they are also the first interaction the soldiers have had that hasn’t tried to kill them immediately on sight. It’s a bummer about Greg though… I was kind of hoping for a mini redemption from him where he came to understand the two of them and where they were coming from. But it does make sense that he ultimately succumbed to the Otherside and killed himself in the process. And it would make sense for him to do so in such a short amount of time. He was already untrusting of the two girls and to have them disappear with the meat train, I’d probably try to blow up the tracks too…  too bad it just didn’t work out for them in the end. 

I felt it was a little slow once they finally left the camp, but that’s to be expected. They were trying to maneuver the area carefully without having to hit any glitches. Plus it honestly built up the suspense. I’ll be honest in saying that some of the fights really do leave more to be desired, but at the same time they do amp up that creepy factor pretty well. And even at the end of the ambush while the horned man and the metal dog looked at them from a distance without attacking? Oh man, that stresses me out. What’s stopping them from attacking again? But we really go from one creepy thing to another. Upon reaching the area where the soldiers emerged there was a nightmare waiting for them. And I like how they brought it up! They’ve seen a heck of a lot of things during their time in the Otherside, but something enough to finally crack that main soldier (I’m sorry! I forgot his name)? That must be true terror, he’s been the calmest out of everyone. 

They left us on quite a cliffhanger for the week, meaning I’ll definitely be going into the final episode on high alert! I hope everything works out for both Sorao and Toriko and I do hope that at least some of the Marines make it out. I hope that they don’t become enemies before it’s too late. But good luck everyone! You’re going to need it with that Kakandara!!


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