Hige wo Soru. Soshite Joshikousei wo Hirou – Ep 1 [First Impression]

Eva’s First Impression

I am very glad I gave this series a chance because contrary to the title and synopsis that understandably makes people hesitate, this was actually quite wholesome watch! We were introduced to Yoshida, 26 years old salary-man being rejected by his love Gotou Airi in somewhat awkwardly brutal fashion. The poor guy comes to learn she has already been dating someone for the past five years. But frankly I think that ended up being for the best, because not only did he end up helping a teenage girl in need, his house is a dump and all I could think of is, “Bruh, be glad Gotou didn’t come over! She would’ve ran for the hills!” He seriously should have cleaned up before dinner if he intended to bring her back to his place, but I digress!

The girl he offered shelter to for the night is Ogiwara Sayu, a runaway teenager from Hokkaido. For the past six months, she has been sleeping around with various men as a means for survival. She attempted to do the same with Yoshida, but he had none of it– even when he was drunk. Instead he flatly refused all of her advances, and simply offered a safe place for her to sleep that night.

However the one night thing becomes a semi-permanent arrangement when he learns how she has been getting by. He realizes Sayu’s circumstances are complicated and she is not okay. So Yoshida tells her she can stay at his place, and all she needs to do is work by doing simple things like chores and cooking.

Now when we are introduced to a character who has a heavy backstory like that, this is the sort of kindness I like to see. Nothing warms the heart more than someone looking out for another who could desperately use genuine support. So I love how Yoshida is such a sweet and humane character. He is disgusted how Sayu has been basically exploited of her situation (regardless of the fact she has been offering herself), he is saddened that she is unable to lead a normal teenage life, but most of all, he is angry on her behalf. He just wants her to be treated properly, and rightfully so! The best part about this whole thing is that he isn’t half-assing this either. He thought about it, had real conversation about what she was going to do if he kicked her out, and even checked online to see if she happened to be a “missing person”. He even created a policy where if she tries to seduce him again, she gets kicked out. It’s basically the opposite of what she has experienced so far. This was probably the smartest thing he did considering how persistent she has been despite his refusals, so he gets a thumbs-up approval from me. And as soon as he noticed she didn’t have a change of clothes, and that her back was getting sore from sleeping on the floor, the first thing he does it takes her out so she can get a brand new futon and clothes.

I also appreciate that Yoshida told his friend about the situation, so there’s at least someone he is close to and trusts that knows what’s going on. Hilariously everyone thinks he’s got a girlfriend because his shirts have been ironed and he looks a lot more healthier now that he eating properly, hahaha!

But my favourite part of the entire episode was actually when he tells her to raise her standard of what is percieved as “kind”.  He wants her to value herself more. I applauded when he told her he isn’t nice, it’s just that all the other guys were shit. That’s right, you tell her man! So when we got to see her laughing and smiling by the end of the episode, it was such a nice feeling. Though it was pretty funny how she called Yoshida “Daddy”. It can be interpreted in various ways of course, but considering how Yoshida has more or less fully embraced the role as her new and unofficial “Guardian”, rather than a father, I feel he’s more like an older brother, haha!

As for Sayu, she is a sweet girl who has unfortunately taken one of the most dangerous approaches to survive as a runaway. While I am enjoying the fluff Yoshida is bringing to us with how he’s looking out for her, I am also dreading the details that will emerge in her backstory. Heck, she thought Yoshida was the weird one when he refused her advances. After-all, she never met a man who refused the offer.  So I strongly suspect it will have its share of heavy contents once we start learning more about what Sayu had to go through, and what pushed her to runaway in the first place. The fact Sayu was not listed as a missing person despite having run away, combined with how she said her parents would be happy that she’s gone tells us her backstory is bound to be a complicated one.

Bearing that in mind, it also explains why Sayu is kind of overwhelmed by Yoshida’s kindness. It very apparent how she isn’t used to or expects to treated with respect, that’s why Yoshida can’t help but feel frustrated when he notices that. It also feels like it’s been the longest time since she has last been praised for the simple things like her smile. She was surprised and became flustered when he pointed out she’s cuter when she laughs. And when she isn’t sure if she is giving enough in return, Yoshida assures her by just doing the chores and cooking is making his life easier at home because he’s so busy all the time. I’m looking forward to seeing how she will grow as a person in an environment where she is respected and cared for.

And so as long as it continues to go in this direction, I know this is a story I will enjoy and I will continue to watch it!
Although I already have two other shows I already had my sights set on and I may be limited to only two new titles this season, I believe this is a story worth covering! So I going to give it up to three episodes to see if I can squeeze this into my schedule, otherwise it may just end up replacing one of my original picks!

Possibility of Blogging: High
Possibility of Watching: Guaranteed!


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  1. Seeing the tags on Baka-Updates both novel and manga version, this sounds like quite a ride.

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