Hige wo Soru. Soshite Joshikousei wo Hirou – Ep 2

This week they touched a bit on the risks of falling in love, and even teased it too with “be-careful not to fall in love” — but we all know the moment that they say that, 99% of the time, they do. So I am curious whether they will follow through, or perhaps turn to one of the other potential love interests. That being said, in stories like this one, it is an understatement to say it has to be tactfully done, otherwise it just comes off as creepy and super uncomfortable and it’ll send the lot of us who were hesitant because of the title in the first place running for the hills. That’s why Yoshida drawing the line and maintaining it is very important right now, at least for me anyways. On top of that I think most of us can agree Sayu has a lot of stuff she needs to sort out first, which is the first thing that needs to be done before pursuing any romance (ie: her past, raising her standards, self-love, etc…). However, I completely understand why Sayu would fall for him.

Nevertheless, I must say I really do enjoy their organic interactions. It’s not awkward and they really do feel like family. For some it may have felt like they were walking on a fine line when she reached to touch his hand, but at least the hug was innocent enough since it was meant to cheer him up after that dinner with Gotou. Though the part that was kind iffy and awkward was when he described her smile as “sexy”, like?????? Of all things, did it have to be described that way? It struck me as pure-hearted, anyways. As it was in the premiere, it was nice just to see Yoshida is doing his best to try and help her feel more at home, encouraging her to express how she really feels as opposed to forcing herself to smile and such. Yoshida also took the smart route of just buying her a cellphone on his own after she had initially refused the offer. But it makes total sense since he doesn’t have a house-phone and it’s important to be able to contact each other in case of emergencies or if he is going to be home late and so on forth. It was also pretty cute to see him putting so much thought into which one she might like. But one of the things I did appreciate in that scene was how his friend made a very valid point when he reminded him while it’s fine to be nice, he needs to think about how he is going to deal with Sayu going forward.

As for Sayu, she is gradually starting to feel this is a home, where she is safe and is being properly cared for. We see her continue to be cautious and conscious of the money he is spending on necessities. Understandably she doesn’t want to be leech or a burden, so the first time he talked to her about getting a phone, she declined claiming she didn’t need it. Interestingly we did get a piece of information how supposedly the reason why she doesn’t have one on her is because thrown her phone into the ocean. Whether she felt she felt didn’t need it anymore (perhaps as a way of cutting ties since she said she’d constantly be called by her classmates), or was afraid of being tracked. But the OP sequence does raise concerns whatever happened, she may have known someone or she herself may have attempted to commit suicide.

Lastly, we were also introduced to Yoshida’s fellow colleague Mishima Yuzuha who quickly threw herself into the fighter ring when she heard Yoshida had been rejected by Gotou. She is certainly not one to waste time when the opportunity arises. Honestly I would like to see the women have a good relationship with Sayu, but…. I’m not sure if I can really hold my breath for it. Let’s see how this plays out.

Overall, compared to last week’s premiere, this one was a mixed bag (just a tad). It was good, but then there were also some parts where I was thinking, “Oh boy, here comes the idiocy.” For instance his boss (Gotou) is something else. Like really? You rejected him and now you want to stick you nose into his business to find out whether he already found a girlfriend because of your ego? Give me a break. And then he does the stupid thing of accepting her offer of asking a brazen question of what her cup size is, which she actually gives him an answer to. I’m just like “WHY?” but I saw that coming the moment she said he could ask anything and he was staring at her chest.


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    1. Hmmm I’m not sure about that, but it would be interesting if they were to try and adapt the final volume. I suppose it depends on how closely the author is involved for that to be a possibility.

      I’m kind of glad it’s not a long series though! If I end up enjoying it I wanted to pick up the novels, and it would be a relief to have one that’s less than ten volumes hahaha!

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