Zombieland Saga: Revenge – Episode 2

This week Kotaro got them onto a TV Program promoting Saga’s tourism. Together featured with White Ryu, they were exploring the tourist hotspot Yutoku Inari Shrine. Saki in particular was super excited about it because she happens to be a huge fan of White Ryu ever since she was alive.

Interestingly this brought about the subject of love, which came up when the girls noticed Saki was feeling down and Lily suggested Saki might actually be romantically love with the guy. Adorably, Lily said she loves Humanity, while Junko was flustered and mind-blown about it because she thought Idols aren’t allowed to like someone. So she was flustered when Ai explained to her that even back in her days, idols were get together in secret. I really liked Lily’s response though, as she pointed out it would be fine as long as it helps them shine brighter, and I think that’s a good way to open the door to that conversation.

That being said, it was a bit of a surprise to see them touch on the topic of love. But I found it was kind of done in a bit of a weird way because I didn’t really see Saki’s feelings for White Ryu as a form of “romantic love”, but it appears that’s pretty much how they rolled with it.

White Ryu’s late night radio program “So Saga can be Saga” was something that gave Saki hope and comfort when she felt she was fighting against the world. That’s why she loved him, because even though she had never met him in person until now, she had always felt he was there for her. That’s why when she heard that White Ryu was quitting, she begged him not and shared how much it meant to her and others.

But as he said, he didn’t do anything, he simply gave a place for people to turn to. He just needed to find someone who has the same passion to carry it on. That’s why the beautiful things that came out of this was how Saki’s earnest feelings was why White Ryu decided to entrust the show to her. Sure it could be considered as a lazy and even a thoughtless move on his part, but I am really glad that Saki inherited it. I think it suits her perfectly. Additionally this will help Franchouchou get back onto the map after dropping of the radar due to the lack of activities and focusing their jobs to pay off the debt.


But they dropped the feels bomb on us at the very end when Saki was thinking about White Ryu’s response to her confession. She has always been a sentimental girl, so when she talked about how her friend Reiko found someone (her husband), it hit her hard when it she acknowledged she will never be able to grow up into a fine woman and have that kind of future of her own. They can boast about how strong they are as they don’t easily get tired, or how they can reattach their limbs and such, but at the same time, they are deprived of some of the things they can only pursue if they were still truly alive.

Now that the girls have placed themselves back on the radar, we got to see that reporter again. It appears he lost interest in them for a bit after they kind of went off the grid. However now that the girls are back it means he will have the incentive to investigate them more deeply. I suspect it won’t be long before he realizes that something is amiss, or even catch them red-handed as zombies. What happens if they were to be exposed is now the question. But the little things like the Radio Program may all be stepping stones to help build support for them should that information ever come out. But the public is fickle, and being zombies places them in a predicament of a house of cards. There is little room for error.

Next week, it looks like Ai appears to be re-encountering her former group. It does feel like we are going to get hit with the feels bombs of the girls realizing more about what they have left behind and the kind of limitations they are experiencing in this second life.


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