Digimon Adventure: (2020) Episode 50

Not gonna lie, I was a bit disappointed in how this all got wrapped up in one episode. Especially since this guy was built up to be the biggest challenge the kids ever faced… and yet it ended faster than their battle with Orochimon which took TWO full episodes and it took the combined efforts of both Taichi and Yamato through Omegamon to defeat it. How this episode concluded felt pretty underwhelming and also very typical with Taichi of course being the one to finish it off. It did have its exciting moments though so I’ll give it that at least.

At the start, I was super excited for this episode, especially since we didn’t even get the typical recap of the previous episode and just went straight into it. That’s when you know THINGS ARE GONNA GO DOWN. I was a little confused as to what happened to the other kids since they didn’t seem too concerned fading away like that at the time. But just as a commentor pointed out, they were absorbed by Millenniumon and were trapped in a space that it created. I’m definitely pretty tired of Taichi having to solo carry these battles, but at this point, what did I expect? But goodness, they really upped the ante for this fight with Millenniumon’s toe being as big if not bigger than the floating continent. Every time it struck the ground below or even touched it I was like: Whelp, thousands are just dead now.

However, what I didn’t expect was freaking Patamon and Tailmon to evolve into LITERAL gods. I thought the battle was just going to be all Taichi and Wargreymon but NOPE. HOLY DIGIMON COMING THROUGH. What a pleasant and unexpected surprise. Though yes, they did say that the Holy Digimon would lead the others into battle, but I didn’t expect them to evolve into beast-like megas. And man, did they animate the HECK out of their brief fight. Like sure, it wasn’t the most impressive fight since it did kind of devolve into firing laser beams at each other. However, during the parts where they did physically attack each other, I absolutely loved how they showed the weight of each hit with how slowly they seemed to move to show the sheer size of all of them. Basically the battle of gods.

But of course, I knew that Millenniumon wouldn’t go down so easily and changed into an even bigger and stronger form that dwarfed the already massive Goddramon and Holydramon. At that point I thought things were just getting silly by making Millenniumon bigger and bigger. Though I shouldn’t be surprised since this series already made a habit of making stronger Digimon unnaturally huge. And just when I thought things wouldn’t devolve into Taichi and Wargreymon soloing, it ended up happening anyways. And what made it worse was that we didn’t really get that much action from Wargreymon. I had hoped we would see him fight similarly to how he fought Diaboromon in the movie with more physical attacks. But of course, they ended things with like a Spirit Bomb-like attack fueled by the power of hope and friendship. And so once again, the day was saved by Taichi and Wargreymon…

Yeah, I’m pretty disappointed with how this final fight ended up being. I was super excited at the start, but by the end I felt like it ended too predictably and anticlimatically. I did really like the surprise of Patamon and Tailmon taking part in a major part in the initial fight, but I had a feeling they wouldn’t be the ones to finish things. They definitely had a really good set up, but the execution just didn’t hit for me. The expected increase in budget really had me excited to see the fight only for it to be mostly laser beams with only a few physical hits here and there. This episode just felt lazy especially when they could have stretched it out to two episodes at least. There was so much build up for Millenniumon and while he did cause major destruction, he went down relatively fast. And also the fact that there is a new threat after Millenniumon made his build up feel wasted. They made him out to be the ender of everything, the final boss. But now there’s another threat… My disappointment is immeasurable and my day is ruined. Not really, but I’m still left being pretty disappointed.


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2 thoughts on “Digimon Adventure: (2020) Episode 50

  1. There’s only 16 episodes left and they decided to have a new threat instead after the whole built-up with Milleniumon? If the studio doesn’t make this new threat a great one, this disappointment would crush me from liking this reboot as a whole…. At least, Patamon and Tailmon’s evolution lightened my disappointment.

    Just to be sure, you’re still going to review this series until the end? Because I knew some people in other sites who stopped after being let down for many times.

    1. Yeah, the Holy Digimon evolutions were probably my favorite part out of the whole episode. At this point, I have a very low view of the series and will probably rewatch the original series to see what exactly made it so charming in the first place.

      The smart thing to do is probably to drop it, but considering I’m already 50 episodes in with 16 more to go, might as well finish it and see how it wraps up…

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