Seijo no Maryoku wa Bannou desu Episode 5

Now that the Grand Magus Yuri Drewes have woken up from his coma, Sei finally underwent the appraisal today! But in the end, they couldn’t actually do it properly. It was pretty funny given everyone’s reaction, especially coming from Johan, who knows best that Sei really didn’t want to be officially identified as the Saint. The appraisal requires conscious consent from the target, so he thought maybe she might have subconsciously repelled it, haha! But it wasn’t on purpose. It was just her magic power is far greater than the Yuri’s. Hilariously he was taking this in stride while the other two were just stupefied by the fact Sei was more powerful than him, who is the strongest mage in the Kingdom. In fact if anything, it amused him greatly.

So they took a different approach. Yuri asked her to use Heal, and by doing so, it revealed an important distinction. Normally Heal only appears as glow of white light, but when Sei uses Heal, there are golden particles. That, combined with the fact everything she touches gets a 50% boost served as sufficient evidence to suggest that Sei is the true Saint.

But even if Sei didn’t turn out to be the Saint, as Johan pointed out, they would still ask her to join the field missions to provide support. Having a mage who can cast heals to the knights is invaluable because there aren’t many who can use healing magic.

We also got to hear the results on Aira’s appraisal. Curiously she is said to possess the ability to rapidly improve her skills, however, Yuri does not believe she is a Saint due to missing the distinctive golden particles that was seen in Sei’s magic.

This of course makes matters complicated, because Prince Kyle royally messed up. Everyone should be counting their lucky stars that Jude introduced Sei to the research institute and Johan inviting her to join when she showed interest. They were the ones who helped Sei find a place to belong after being thrown into a foreign world and stuck alone not knowing what else to do with herself. Thanks to that she was able to meet Albert, and then befriend Elizabeth, and before she knew it this world became a place where she felt like she truly belongs.

That said, despite inviting Sei to the court to formally acknowledge her, surprisingly the King did not explicitly declare her to be the Saint in front of everyone. Instead, it served more of a subtle ceremony of recognition. The King took advantage of the promise he made in the library that he would reward, and officially apologize to her for his son’s discourteous behavior in front of his peers. The only reason why Sei understood that this occasion was a part of recognizing her as the Saint was because of the outfit they had prepared for her. Just one look at it and she thought it would be something a Saint would wear.

However the quieter ceremony of recognition does make sense given the circumstances they are in. They want to quietly shift the expectations of Aira being the Saint to Sei. Luckily for them, Sei has already gained a lot recognition to be the Saint just by her actions alone. Her stunt at the hospital makes it difficult for anyone to dispute that she isn’t the real one. And yet despite that, Prince Kyle is not about to accept this development. He still truly believes Aira is the real Saint. (His stupidity shows no bounds…)

When it came down to what she wanted as a reward, Sei still wasn’t interested in titles and land, but thanks to Elizabeth, she realized she could request access to the Forbidden Collection in the library. Honestly this is such a pragmatic choice, because what better opportunity to take advantage of such request when they are desperate to make up for Kyle’s disrespectful behavior. Land, titles, all of those things can be acquired as rewards at a much later date, access to the Forbidden Collection, now that is something that may not have been easy to get just by good deeds alone. But that wasn’t the only thing Sei asked for: She wants to be properly taught magic, so she asked for a teacher. And sure enough her newest mentor is none other than the Grand Magus himself!

As always, it was quite heartwarming to see both Johan and Albert looking out for Sei. Johan knew how to break the ice by playfully pointing out her stunt she pulled, to which she hilariously described as “healing them a little” (sure, recovering a lost limb and eye-sight is a just a ‘little’ thing, even Johan called her out on that haha!) But when she expressed how she was worried about be transferred out of the Research Institute, Johan promised to see what he can do to fulfill her wish.

Meanwhile Albert was the one who showed up to escort her to the King so he can be there in the audience. Both he and Johan figured she would probably be nervous on her own. Just having a familiar face with her is enough to put her at ease. Needless to say, Albert never ceases to amuse me with how he wastes no opportunity to show his affections towards her! He is completely head over heels for her. He really isn’t shy of skinship at all, and it’s refreshing how Sei doesn’t become flustered imeaditely upon contact. I totally get her feeling embarrassed though, especially it happening in front of others haha! She still isn’t used to receiving this kind of attention.

Before I wrap things up, there is one last thing I would like to touch on. After this episode, I think it’s probably safe to say they have chosen to omit the detail of how one can check their attribute/role and stats progress altogether. This was something I mentioned in the first entry as I thought they would eventually get around to it, but it appears they decided to simplify it by describing the difference between them as ‘greater magic power’ as opposed to one’s “levels” and the sorts. Now that we have actually gotten this far, I actually kind of like that they decided to leave that out. By doing so, this makes the series a somewhat more traditional fantasy series, and takes away the ‘gamer statistics’ feature that some may feel has been overly redundant in an isekai series. It also a safe thing to leave out since it’s not something that impacts the flow of the story. And we saw that today with how the unique distinctions in Sei’s magic is enough evidence to prove that she is indeed the Saint.

It looks like next week we will be seeing Sei undergo various lessons, though I do wonder how much time they plan to spend on Sei’s magical training before we jump into the first field mission. At this point, I am mostly curious how they plan to pace this out now that we’ll be half-way through next week.

Until then, see you next time!


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4 thoughts on “Seijo no Maryoku wa Bannou desu Episode 5

  1. I notice a LOT of recent isekai stories (esp. the fantasy adventure ones aimed at guys) frequently use RPG stat windows, to the point it’s considered an easy writing shorthand to quantify character powers/abilities. Plus it doesn’t help so many of them are shown as obvious popup game windows instead of something more organically defined like in Danmachi. (I blame early popular titles like RIsing of the Shield Hero, which used blatant popup menus to start with).

    Not surprised with the prince. This is the same person who unilaterally decided Aira must be the saint because she was the younger cuter looking one.

    Btw, the official music video for Seijo’s OP came out last week.

    And someone translated Chp 1.1 of the Aira spinoff manga.

    1. Agree, DanMachi did a great job with implementing the concept organically into its world.

      Can’t wait for the Prince to be put in his place. But I’m glad everyone outside of his circle knows he an idiot, and I’m glad we rarely have to see him.

      Thanks for sharing both the MV and first part of Aira’s spin-off!

  2. Even though I know that Yuri is a guy, every time I see him I couldn’t help but think “are you sure Yuri is not a girl?” Darn it, why do you have such a pretty design, Yuri?! XD

    I agree that not including the game statistic makes the anime more compelling as a fantasy genre. It makes the magic element more natural. Now, about the whole Saintess thing, I haven’t read the novel yet, so does the Saintess is really only one person? Not two people? If it’s only one (with Sei most likely being the one), why there were two people summoned? Is there a mistake in the summoning process? Or someone did it on purpose?

    It’s short, but glad to see Aira-chan again. Stupid prince, just go away. Someone, please punch him for me. The stupid prince better learn a lesson and redeem himself in later story like another stupid prince I know from Akagami no Shirayukihime.

    1. I KNOW RIGHT! He’s GORGEOUS! HAHAHA! I’m really excited to see him in action, he’s a fun character!

      I have only read up to volume 4 and a few chapters of the web-novel chapters for Vol 5 before the fan translations were discontinued due to the license. So I’m not sure if the later volumes have explored the possibility of the Saint’s powers being split in two. (SOBS, gotta wait wait a year before they catch up…) Up to this point, it is believed that Sei is currently the one and only Saint of the two.

      [Spoilers: Aira’s character and development: Read More…]

      Up to Vol 4, i is still not explained why both of them were summoned. I have considered though, despite the lack of the Saint title which should be clearly seen in her stats profile, perhaps it is possible given Aira’s magical talent that she could have inherited the offensive abilities, compared to Sei who seems to be focusing more on Support with her healing spells. (I’m not sure if she ever decides to explore defensive or offensive magic further, but I’d like to see it!)

      However Aira lacks the more unique distinctions such as her lack of power that Sei has in comparison to her. To rapidly improve her skills and have additional magical attributes has not been described to be the same as the amount of magic power she has.

      That said, just as Johan pointed out, even if one of them wasn’t the Saint, if deemed useful, they would be requested to participate in these missions. Aira ends up doing just that by joining the Magic Assembly and participates in the missions as an offensive mage.

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