Oh man, so many things happened in that episode that I’m not even sure where to start. But at the very least I can say that Hayase is a FAKE and I hope she gets put in her place. She shouldn’t be trusted in the slightest and I hope that if she and Parona go toe to toe, that she gets put in her place! She’s cold and merciless, and it’s so hard to be weary of her because she doesn’t seem like a threat! But she is!! She’s actively causing harm and doesn’t care who gets hurt in the process!

It was kind of apparent that their pleasant trip to Yanome wasn’t going to last very long but I hope March had a good time before she was thrown into a cell and told she was never going to be able to leave. Poor March, she’s really going through all the major life events at once: get chosen for sacrifice, becoming a mom, evading being sacrificed, and being thrown in prison for life. And she’s not even old enough to wash the child face paint off her face for good (granted being prisoner grants some leeway). Still, I’m glad that she had to have fun while it lasted. It just really makes me appreciate her in the anime because she has such an innocent view on things and is able to have such genuine emotions regardless of the situation. When she’s happy, she’s happy! When she’s sad, she’s sad! She doesn’t try to hide it and I hope she makes it back home to her parents okay.

And as long as she’s got Parona and Fushi, I think everything is going to be… okay? I mean, Fushi doesn’t really know what’s going on most of the time. But he’s got teeth and could probably protect them if he felt inclined to… let’s just hope that happens before anything worse happens to them. Though, at least they’ve got Parona who has the whole plan thought out. It’s just a matter of everything falling into place. Which surprisingly things are! Perhaps the solution was falling straight to the storage shed and stealing a guard’s attire from the start instead of almost dying by scaling the walls of a prison with a flimsy rope. But hey! As long as it gets the job done. And really, Parona, of everyone hear has the biggest vendetta against Yanome. First, her sister tried to protect her and ended up dying in the process, so naturally she’d want to save March who is practically her own little sister. Parona, I’m rooting for you so your plan better succeed and you, March, and Fushi all need to make it back home safely.

As for Fushi, I liked his development in this episode because he gets to be a voice for the Oniguma which just makes everything hit so much harder. I’m glad that Fushi is immortal, because he really did get the rough (or rather sharp) end of the stick this time around as Hayase continually sent other prisoners to kill him. Though, compared some number of deaths ago, this is pretty tame. It was an interesting way for him to learn the new line of “It Hurts”. And since he kept repeating it so often, I thought that was just a quirk of his. It wasn’t until later that I realized that he made a connection with Oniguma and was speaking for the bear. And just paired with everything that March was saying to the bear? Ahhh, I might have shed a little tear. She’s so pure, even though this bear was going to eat her she acknowledges that he just likes human meat and wants to help him get better so they both can go home. It was really touching because she was both supporting it, but also saying the words that she wanted to hear herself. And just the simple “Thank you” from Fushi as the bear died? Oh,,,, that packed a punch.

But now it’s time for their escape and I’m just as stressed as always. I hope things go smoothly because if anything happens to March, I will personally take out Hayase myself.


I live up to my username, but I hope we can be friends!