Hooray for monsters!! This was a great episode to learn more about Gugu, but also to put into perspective how important it is for Fushi to meet and learn from new characters. I loved all of the different emotions Gugu went through since leaving behind the Boozeman’s house, and how he slowly starts to understand his position as a monster among men. I go back and forth, I kind of want to see what his face looks like, but at the same time… perhaps it’s better left a mystery.

I’m looking forward to next week’s episode because it looks like we’ll get bonding time with Fushi and Gugu (and Rean). March was a very stubborn girl who didn’t hold back with her emotions. Gugu on the other hand is more mature and tends to keep his emotions in check. Of course, they still come out. I really don’t blame him running out of the house when he found out the Boozeman added an extra organ. I think his anger is justified. I enjoy how they approach Fushi’s hesitancy to go and find Gugu. First Gugu performs some experiments on Fushi finding out that anything that hurts the immortal, Fushi can then recreate (well, except fire). It also gives Fushi justification for being upset with Gugu for hurting him (on that note… I wonder if Gugu’s going to apologize, especially now that he can understand that having things done to your body without your permission really sucks).

Initially, I thought this was the reason why Fushi didn’t want to go and search… but I also had forgotten his fear of the forest. This does make the reunion a little bit more impactful. I appreciate how this episode focused on how important Gugu is to Fushi’s development. Gugu has so many skills that he can teach Fushi and he also is pretty focused in the idea of family and brothers. Fushi… although he can now communicate, can’t really do much of anything else. He’s doing his best by boiling vegetables and adding salt, but it’s not quite where he needs to be. As an immortal, eh if he dies of hunger he can revive, but it’s those human elements that are so important. Which of course raises the question of: what does it mean to be human? I don’t know, but I’m excited to see what he finds out!

Backing up a little bit, I’m really surprised by Rean just deciding to move in with all of them. Where are her parents? Are they not looking for her? I suppose they probably are, but it was Gugu’s time in the spotlight. She’ll get hers soon. Speaking of Gugu’s spotlight, I’m glad that we get to learn more about him. He’s a good kid just stuck with some unfortunate circumstances. He can’t change his face anymore… He can’t change the fact that his brother up and left him, but he’s still doing his best by what he can. I feel bad for him that he was essentially bullied out of a job by the boss’ son. But at least the boss was kind enough to him and let him work even when knowing what his face now looks like. Without work he can’t make money. Even as a monster he could just cause problems to get money, but he tries to do so honestly. And I appreciate that he considers selling Rean’s ring but ultimately gives it away to Shin, his runaway brother, after finding him in an alley. What a reunion that was. But it was kind of a nice way to symbolize that he was putting his old, or human self away and coming to terms with who he is now.

Overall, this was another enjoyable episode. I love the way that the characters get to develop. They’re all unique and have their own stories to tell. Not all the characters are good and wholesome, but they all have motivations and things that help them move forward. Having this all shown from Fushi’s perspective is great because we just get to see the different lives people live and just how different one human’s story can be from another. Hooray for learning!


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