Zombieland Saga: Revenge Episode 5 & 6

Episode 5

This episode was a simple one, not too much going on, but goodness did it get a good chuckle out of me. It was Lily’s turn to be in the spotlight, and hilariously it seems she had unknowingly hijacked it from Kotaro, who was caught off-guard to find she has taken over the morning announcements. It was pretty cute how he quietly sat down with the rest of the girls to hear what she had to say. He then fell into the dumps Lily announced she would be participating as a contestant for Japan Got Performance. On top of that, Kotaro looked so defeated! It was also hilarious to see him meekly sit down with the rest of the girls when he saw that Lily had taken over his position for the day with the announcements. Kotaro still participated though, and I freaking lost it when he announced he would act of a mudkipper in mating season. Oh my god, it’s so stupid, but was precisely because of that it left me chuckling for the rest of the episode. Oh god, of all things, why did he think of that?!

Lily showed us more of her professionalism as she was completely unfazed by her two-faced competitor Light, a famous child actor who had come all this way to Saga as a means to easily win the competition. Frankly, his act was not particularly impressive (especially the fact he played the part of an innocent child not wanting to give up to pull the heart-strings of the crowd). I thought Lily’s Rakugo skit was more impressive…

For the final stage, both of them had picked to sing Life. It is a precious song to Lily, and its both her mother’s and father’s favourite, so it wasn’t something she was ready to let go of. So in attempt to differentiate herself, Lily made some last minute changes (insanely fast if I may add, given how little time she really had between their performances). She created a new arrangement for the song, creating a more unique, playful and engaging performance.

Amazingly, it was Light who won the competition. However at this point it didn’t matter, because even the kid himself couldn’t be satisfied as the winner. He knew Lily won on the stage, and in the end, actually felt she was more deserving of the win. And he was right about that, because sure enough she won the hearts across the nation. It was her re-arrangement of “Life” that went viral. Thanks to that, Franchouchou marks yet another success as they make their comeback!

However just when things are starting to look up, it seems next week we will finally be seeing the reporter investigating them further. It appears Tae will be his first target to tail, who is arguably the more concerning one of the group since her instincts can be difficult to control when something triggers them, such as gnawing on someone’s head… Oh dear. Well I expect chaos to some extent. Will the girls be able to make a clean cover-up? Or will this be their first real hiccup on the road since their last failure?

Episode 6

It was quite heartwarming to see the folks around town share such a good relationship with Tae. It’s adorable how everyone has a habit of giving her snacks, and don’t even think of it much when they see her do crazy things like eating a wrapper, gnawing on people’s heads and incredibly, her head staying in tact while the rest of her body spins. But what made it rather sweet to watch was seeing how Maria has such a nice relationship with Tae, and how Saki has successfully encouraged her to retire from the bike gang. Franchouchou has inspired to form a dance team (Dorami), and today we saw her and two other members jump into participate in a fun competition in the plaza. Hilariously Tae jumped in, did some break-dancing (quite literally), and ended up winning the whole thing, and then later when she tried to refuse the prize money, she and the girls were brought to a place where they can bet on races by none other than that good-for-nothing officer. The highlight? Tae being Tae did her usual craziness but it resulted her winning the bet on the boat race, coming home with the grand prize of 20 Million Yen. With this, Franchouchou’s debt is completely paid off, enabling the girls to now put 100% of their focus on their promotional activities.

As crazy as this day was, Tae was being tailed by the reporter who just happened to encounter her while he was looking around for a story to write about. To his credit, he isn’t the type to just publish something based on rumors and gossips. But since he is curious about why some of the girls are all “splitting-images” of past idols, he decided to take the opportunity to follow her around town to see if he catches anything.

And for most part, it turned out to be a fairly fun and relaxing day for him (and he had unknowingly even passed Sakura’s and Tae’s graves). He had fun seeing the kind of relationships Tae has with the locals, her charms and most certainly, her luck! However after winning such a big prize we certainly saw that luck run out when Sakura’s share of bad luck resulted an unlucky timing of knocking Tae’s head off when the reporter was close enough to witness it. Now that he has concrete evidence that they are zombies (just as his co-worker had joked about), it will be interesting to see what he plans to do with that information. Perhaps rather than a sensational story, given the girls relationship with the people of Saga, perhaps he may choose to investigate their purpose. And maybe, this is how we may actually learn about Kotaro’s mission of ‘Saving Saga’.

Unfortunately this will be my final entry on Zombieland Saga Revenge. Because of the inflammation’s in my arms, I need to drop one of the three shows I’m covering. I had a lot of trouble trying to decide which one, but after weighing on it, I decided it would be best to let this one go. It’s a shame, but it’s important that I don’t over exert myself. In the mean time, I’m looking forward to seeing how the story will develop!


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