Tokyo Revengers – Episode 11

DRAKENNNNN ;_________; !!!!!! This episode was so stressful! I’m so glad that everything turned out okay. We managed to officially make it out of August 3rd without any casualties. Congratulations Takemitchy!! You did it! I’m so proud of you!

I was on edge for the solid first half of the episode. Even though the ambulance had arrived and Kiyomasa’s gang fled, that didn’t necessarily mean they were in the clear. Honestly, I thought we were in the clear once we made it into the ambulance. Draken’s been holding on to his consciousness for so long and even had it in him to try to fight the others, I thought that he could go just a little bit longer. But when he reached his hand out to Takemitchy and told him to take care of Mikey, I almost lost it. And of course with the cardiac arrest things were just incredibly stressful. So many wrenches were being thrown into Takemitchy’s plans, the universe really wanted Draken dead. And yet, thank goodness for Mikey in this episode. If it weren’t for him and giving words of encouragement to everyone in the waiting room, there certainly would have been a lot more doom and gloom. But it would have hurt quite a bit if the surgery wasn’t a success after Mikey made that declaration. “He wouldn’t do anything as disingenuous as dying”… owie.

Thankfully, Draken pulled through and it’s a celebration!! I really appreciate that Peh-yan was in the waiting room with everyone else. While I don’t think this whole thing was his fault, he definitely provided the perfect scapegoat for Kiyomasa to actually kill Draken. And yet Mitsuya welcomes him back to Toman despite everything that happened. I also appreciate that he’s able to tell Peh-yan about how Draken really did care about Pah-chin after going to prison. Every time they show Draken doing things on his own makes me love him even more. He’s a delinquent, but he’s a delinquent with a good heart and morals. He cares about making sure that regular people don’t get swept up win what they are doing, he goes with Pah’s family to visit him in prison with a gift even if he can’t personally see him, and at the end of the day he’s just a good kid. Perhaps he should be more open about what he’s doing in his free time… it might save him from a couple assassination attempts.

Ah, but the final bow on this whole thing for me comes with seeing Mikey actually break down on his own. As the leader of Toman, it makes sense that he wants to keep up his cool and collected front. But he was just about to lose his best friend and the guy who really kept him grounded. I’m glad that we got to see such a genuine moment of vulnerability from him. I can only imagine what happened in the original timeline – to lose Draken while they were still on bad terms. Ahh but I’m glad that everything has turned out alright so far.

Unfortunately this victory does seem to have gone to Takemitchy’s head. He’s a little obnoxious about it, but I mean there were many near death experiences so I suppose he deserves this. Plus both Mikey and Draken put him back in his place. At the end of the day though, he did save Toman and was gifted Mikey’s first uniform. What a weight that carries. I can’t wait to see what that means now – what will Takemitchy do with it? But for now it’s time to return to the future. And I’m so glad they ended the episode the way that they did! After all the stress we’ve been through, we get a relatively happy ending! Takemitchy leaves a gift for Hina and returns home where he still has a job (hooray for employment)! But what’s even better is that we get to see Akkun in this new life. I’m so happy that he became a hairstylist and is inviting Takemitchy to be his hair model. It just goes to show that these small moments in the past really carry a weight into the future. I’m just so happy to see them all happy! And to top it all off, we get a call from Naoto to go see Hina! I hope it’s a happy reunion!

Another great episode this week! I am absolutely loving this anime and I can’t wait to see what they have coming next. Though, I think I could use a little bit of a break from the stress. I’m running out of willpower to pick up the manga. But at the end of the day, Draken is alive and that’s something to celebrate!! 🎉


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    For those interested, they released a new PV for the next arc!

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