So while this episode was plot relevant, it didn’t… feel like it did that much. Like yes, stuff went down this episode, but it didn’t really introduce anything new between Taichi and Agumon despite making it seem like it did. Not to mention I wasn’t the biggest fan on how it was done. But I guess at this point that’s no surprise.

Algomon makes a reappearance after causing so much damage on several different occasions. I will say that it’s interesting that Algomon doesn’t go through a namechange when it evolves and just considers all of its forms as Algomon but just different level stages. The way they act and think seems to be akin to just sharing one mindset among a bunch of worker ants and all just do things according to their “master.” And boy when that Algomon evolved, it totally ended up looking like a magical girl villain. You can’t convince me otherwise lol.

Anyways, Algomon apparently wants to test Taichi and Agumon of their bond and power and the way that it played out… I wasn’t too fond of it. Now, I did like the fact they tried to test Agumon to find the real Taichi before they both ended up killed. However, what I didn’t like, was how Agumon found the real Taichi. I was hoping that he’d be able to distinguish Taichi from the rest by figuring out how Taichi would respond in this situation. Which he did, but he just ended up getting rid of the rest of the clones by blasting all of them away. I felt like that diminished a little bit of the impact of the scene since Agumon was supposed to take damage every time he freed the wrong Taichi. There wasn’t really a change of tactics from when he first started searching. While I can also see it as Agumon knowing all of those Taichis were fakes, but it feels like it went against the rules that were set up at the start of the episode. But whatever, at least I was able to see Wargreymon wreck things again.

I will admit that at least they KIND OF set up the final boss in the early stages of the anime. However, they could have left a trail that would have eventually lead up to it throughout the past 50 episodes or so. But instead they just kept building up Millenniumon as the final boss that ultimately didn’t even last that long. The set up to this series has been so clunky that so many things feel like they’re developing last minute. So many ideas they used could have been introduced much earlier, making the audience feel a little less engaged. Which is a shame because I feel this series had a lot of good ideas, they just weren’t executed well or sooner.

In any case, the Catastrophe has officially been somewhat introduced as that weird eyeball thing we saw near the start of the series. I was curious about it the first time I saw it. But it felt like they dropped it and I completely forgot about it until they brought it up again. If you want a good compelling storyline, you have to lay foundation and add things in that will eventually lead up to it. Which this series is doing terrible at. That or gets completely side-tracked. Which is another problem this series suffers from.

I feel like I didn’t get much out of this episode. While yes, we got confirmation of the reason for the Algomon attacks and we were introduced to what is going to be the Great Catastrophe. However, it also felt like it SHOULD have been a big character developing moment, but it ended up only emphasizing something that was already known between Agumon and Taichi’s partnership. Not to mention, I’m getting REALLY tired of how everyone just thinks Taichi is just the best person ever. I don’t mind getting inspired from someone else, but when EVERYONE is doing it, it starts losing its impact after a while. Though it’s probably because this version of Taichi is just typical shonen protagonist and not really the interesting Taichi we knew back in the original series.

Also side note, I find it really cute how Takeru and Hikari are just constantly traveling together now. Smol kids are out on an adventure together~


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