Ah… this was the worst possible development for Takemitchy. Not only is he not the 3rd division captain (heck he wasn’t even a member of Toman), but the new captain is tragically Kisaki Tetta, much to everyone’s disappointment. But hey! At least we don’t have to go through the effort to find out where he is now! At least he’s in Toman and we can focus on getting him out and keeping everyone else alive. Unfortunately, that’s still one heck of an order.

But you know what? At least Takemitchy got one solid punch out of it! Was it the best timing? Well… no, but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t cheer a little bit. I can’t take out Kisaki myself, so I’m hoping that someone in the anime is willing to do it. If it’s our crybaby hero then GREAT, but really if they all want to line up and take turns, I’m down with that too. No one really seems to like him, but hey! If your biggest threat is on your side, at least you’re safer than if he was your enemy. But given how things will turn out in the future? Well… perhaps it still isn’t the best choice, but good job Takemitchy for taking the swing.

We do get some other solid developments in addition to a proper introduction to Kisaki. Are all the developments good? Well, probably not, but we’ll take what we can get if it keeps everyone alive in the future. We’re introduced to Baji, who due to some past internal conflict, was not allowed to be present at the ceremony, but still happens to be the 1st division captain. At least for a solid couple of punches before he announces his resignation. We don’t know very much about Baji right now other than he’s one of the founding members of Toman with Mikey, Draken, Pah-chin, and Mitsuya (and a mysterious 6th person!), so he’s definitely someone that Mikey cares about quite a bit even if he’s the kind of person to cause problems wherever he goes.

Luckily for Takemitchy that’s exactly his ticket to get Kisaki out of Toman… of course the alternative is to be murdered by Mikey (and even if it was a joke, there’s still the looming threat of many other people he cares about being killed). It’s just unfortunate that this is also a very tall order for him to fill. Granted, getting close to Mikey and making sure Draken didn’t die the night of August 3rd were also near impossible sounding tasks and he managed to come out of that relatively okay. I’d say unscathed, but he has a scar for life now. But still, Takemitchy has no connection to Baji aside from Mikey and I don’t thinks that’s magically going to win him favor. But if that’s what it takes to save everyone in the future, Takemitchy you better get ready to do the impossible again.

And at least things are looking up for you! You at least got some good news in this episode and officially became a member of the 2nd division of Toman! Good thing that Mitsuya was eavesdropping on the conversation. And for watchers, hopefully that means we’ll get to learn more about Mitsuya and the some of the other founding members. So overall! I’m looking forward to what this arc will bring!

This episode was definitely one full of set up. There was quite a bit of dialogue going on back and forth and while we did get some very important information, it really felt like not a whole lot happened. We’re laying the groundwork for the arc, but I hope there’s a little bit more action next week!


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