Shinigami Bocchan to Kuro Maid Episode 7

As the title of the episode suggests, this episode was mostly uneventful. It wasn’t a bad episode, but hardly anything happened other than: Alice tries to help the Duke break his curse with whatever she can find, and the Duke trying to scare Alice to make her doki doki but accidentally breaks an important plant vase and hides from Rob.

Honestly that’s pretty much it. The different methods of trying to break the Duke’s curse was pretty funny though. A potion seems pretty standard but it’s more funny when it’s a talking pot that gets easily embarrassed and blushes. And of course the teasing here and there and the Duke making himself embarrassed. I thought it was funny that the pot too got a big crush on Rob and was happy to be with him. Also the healing spell next to the aphrodisiac spell was also funny. The second method was having to perfectly play a difficult piano piece while being harassed by the ghost of the composer of said song. I didn’t really care for this little story all too much, MacFarlane was annoying and kind of gross, but at least the song was really nice. And Alice didn’t take his shit so that was nice too.

And lastly the third method was the one at the very end of the episode after the credits where the Duke and Alice get transported to the story of Alice in Wonderland after the spirit of Alice sends them to catch the white rabbit. They don’t, after they get distracted having fun together. And the best part of it was that because it was a dream, the two were able to touch each other (even though they couldn’t really feel it). This is probably a rare opportunity to see them holding hands and just being cute together. I knew the kiss was going to be interrupted, but darn it…it would have been really nice to have actually seen it. Though it’s cute that when the Duke wondered if the dream would start from where it left off last time, Alice was still dreaming away even after her usual 7 hours of sleep. The dream was really that nice.

Nothing came from trying out these different methods, but again it was fun to see them try. It was also really sweet of Alice to work so hard for the Duke’s sake, and again it’s nice to see how positive they are. The second half of the episode was okay, the only thing I can take note of is the Duke and Alice just being cute hiding together. Very cute.

The episode was a lot slower this time, so I hope next time there’ll be a bit more. The title for the next episode again teases an episode for Alice was we’ll see if they actually go through with that.


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