Hooo…. we really went through a lot in this episode. I mean we made a jump back in to the past and we’ve already started up the fight! There was even a montage in there… how on earth was this only 23 minutes? But hey! We’ve already made it to Bloody Halloween so next week we’ll finally get to see if the showdown changes the future, best of luck to everyone and hope you all stay alive.

Man, the stakes have completely changed from last week especially now that we get to hear the rest of the story from present day Draken. Turns out not one, but TWO people will die on the day of the fight (so it’s no wonder they call it Bloody Halloween). I would absolutely love to know how Baji ends up dying on the day of the fight. And that really amps up the stakes in this whole thing. Mikey of course just wants to get his friend back, but of course Takemitchy’s over here having to pull off another miracle. We all know that he’s not going to survive toe to toe with anyone, so best of luck to you buddy. I hope your tearful plea did not fall on deaf ears. But if I’m honest if a guy that I barely knew came up to me and told me not to die with tears in his eyes… I don’t really know how I would react to that.

Takemitchy has a tall order to fill. He wasn’t able to bring Baji back before the fight… and tragically if things keep going the way they are, he’s not going to be able to save Baji from the fight either. But here’s to hoping for a miracle. We were able to save Draken after being stabbed by Kiyomasa, so let’s hope Baji has a chance of surviving. But of course, we also have to be wary of Kisaki. He’s not the person to get physical, but he’s definitely the one who is going to lead this group to tragedy whether they like it or not. There’s already a lot of suspicion on him right now, but I wonder what he’ll end up doing to make sure everything goes “smoothly” during the fight.

I’ll be honest I feel like I don’t have a whole lot to say about this episode! It was quite a bit of set up for what’s to come. We got Draken trying to talk Kazutora out of the fight (but heck… at this point if he was successful in doing so, I’m sure Hanma would still want the fight to go on). We even got Chifuyu trying to call Baji’s bluff, albeit unsuccessfully. I’d love to know if Chifuyu still believes in Baji’s return or if that moment on the bridge was a rather rude awakening. I mean regardless… we’ve made it to the day of the fight and they’re sitting on opposite sides. Hopefully, everyone is able to bring Baji back! Or at the very least, hopefully no one dies!! But on the flip side of all this gang drama we also got a surprisingly sweet moment between Takemitchy and Hina. It felt like it came out of left field, but I’m happy they brought her back up again. I missed her! Now they have matching necklaces and that is just very sweet :’)

I’m super excited for next week’s episode. I’m looking forward to the action and the drama that’s going to come!  Good luck everyone, but best of luck to Baji! Hopefully you’re able to change your fate!


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