Oh SNAP! What a comeback from Mikey right there at the end! This is another one of those episodes where I curse the one week waiting time because I’m ready to see Mikey go all out – because if he was just holding back throughout this whole episode, Kazutora’s in for a world of hurt next week (I mean… we have seen the future, so Mikey is not above killing him). But even though the drama is at its peak, where on earth is Baji? Everyone else has their fists in the fight but he’s nowhere to be scene. (Okay, Kisaki is also nowhere to be seen, but hopefully those two missing are completely unrelated. That’s probably too much to ask for, huh?)

I can’t even pick an MVP for this episode. Everyone from Toman was just so cool. I have to give credit to Mitsuya for smacking some sense back into Takemitchy. In the battle on August 3rd, Takemitchy was able to lay low in order to help Draken, but this time around he needs to stand up and fight. He’s a good captain, kind enough to help people get back on their feet but mean enough to make them get their act together. Then of course there was Chifuyu. He didn’t have much screen time in this episode, but just by having Takemitchy’s back and saying a few words… that kid is really climbing up fast on my list of favorite characters. Chifuyu, I hope you get some more screentime in the future (I also hope your eye heals okay). And of course, I have to give some of the love to Takemitchy! Yeah! He was a crying mess in this episode, but that’s to be expected since he’s called the “Crybaby Hero”. Just seeing him absolutely making a fool of himself, but still willing to take on the fight was pretty great! He’s definitely not going to win, but it’s the thought that counts. Plus, he opens the way up for Draken to go all out.

And OH MY GOD, DRAKEN. Thank you, Tokyo Revengers, for giving him some spotlight this week. I missed him so much. I mean, he cares so much about Mikey and the other members of Toman, he was actively trying to protect them all even while going up against Hanma. And, then when he let loose? I was just reminded how much I like him. Thanks for kicking butt Draken. I hope you’re able to beat the absolute sense out of Hanma as well. And hey! While you’re at it, I think you can take a few swings at Kazutora especially based on how he was toying with Mikey.

Which, speaking of Kazutora and Mikey…. I was getting really nervous there for a second. I do, however, firmly believe that Kazutora would benefit from some professional help. Obviously, there’s a lot of trauma surrounding not just the fact that he murdered someone, but also his home life as a kid. Still, even with all of that, he’s in the wrong for where we are today. But I really thought he took Mikey out for the count. I mean, he basically got hit in the same way his brother day and his brother certainly didn’t survive! The only difference is now Kazutora is older, arguably stronger, and has a different weapon. But hoo…. watching him strike Mikey over and over again? That was hard to watch. At this point, I’m sure whatever reservations Mikey has about hating Kazutora have probably disappeared. So, when Mikey shook off Chone and Chonbo off like they were nothing and was still able to land the nuclear kick? That was incredibly cool.

At the end of the day, I just had a great time with this episode. A great majority of our characters got a chance in the spotlight and I was just on the edge of my seat for a good portion of the episode. There were some blips and faults in the animation especially near the middle, but for the most part I didn’t feel they had much of an impact on the episode. There were of course the few moments where even I was like “Hmm, I never knew Draken’s chin was that pointy” or “wow! people are talking but no mouths are moving”. But I think the pacing was pretty good and kept me invested in the episode. I’m really looking forward to seeing how this all plays out next week!


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  1. jerusim

    I JUST CAN’T WAIT FOR NEXT WEEKK!!! As expected, Kazutora had a rough childhood and didn’t have a balance when it comes to love.

    I feel like he is stuck in a dilemma of loving someone so much you somewhat neglect your own needs or just don’t love at all and “eliminate” those you love.

    Like I said, he blames Mikey-kun because he loved Mikey so much it blinded him. And now has chosen to kill the “enemy” so he can feel relieved/not guilty/free.

    I honestly think that Kazutora sees love as a burden instead of a kind and genuine thing. Since harming someone you love/loved is okay. (*Cough**cough* Kazutora’s dad :/)

    The blips and faults kinda made me laugh because fighting scenes in general are very hard to animate.

    And the scene where Draken punched 10 guys and his face got all serious for maybe 3-5sec reminded me of One-Punch Man when he got all serious, which was very cool. (And yes I also loved that he got more screen time!!)

    Note: I really love your energy, whenever your writing these blogs!! <3

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