If I were to give a play by play of my reactions for this episode it would most definitely go like this: “BAJI!!! HELL YEAH BAJI!!!, BAJI?????, BAJI NO!!!!, GO BAJI GO, OH MY GOD BAJI, and BAJI NOOOO”. We’ll also go ahead and sprinkling of some cursing about Kisaki in there, but I was pretty stoked to see Baji show up. I am… however, not exactly excited to see that he probably… won’t be showing up again. But there is still hope, right? I mean, he’s not dead yet.

Okay, I’ll be honest, I don’t have too much to say about this episode. The battle is in full swing, but Mikey and Kazutora are down for the count. They are both probably still alive… but if anything, they are both hanging on by a thread. I mean, Kazutora was alive enough to stab Baji. Oh, and then there is the whole thing with Kisaki swooping in to save the day. I doesn’t matter who wins this fight, Kisaki is going to come out on top and what’s the worst that is going to happen to him? A pair of broken glasses. Look, I kind of hope that when Mikey wakes up, he sees bloody Baji at Kisaki’s feet and beats the absolute snot out of Kisaki. No time for explanations just fists to face.

But I really think the biggest twist of the episode were the words that Kazutora said as he was stabbing Baji. I mean, from the beginning we’ve been hearing him say that the death of Mikey’s brother was all Mikey’s fault. But now, suddenly the story flips the switch and Kazutora is targeting Baji. We’ve talked about it previously, but hooo…. Kazutora, I hope you get the help that you need to work through the trauma of killing someone from a young age but killing more people and passing the blame on to them is definitely not the way to go. Baji tried to talk you out of it and he tried to stop you as you were taking the swing… but still we can’t change what has already happened, you’d need a time traveler for that and Takemitchy has that covered.

Speaking of Takemitchy… he uh, hasn’t quite changed the past, has he? Based on that last scene, I don’t think he’s going to pull another move like he did during his last rescue mission. It would take quite a bit from him to carry Baji out of the fight scene and to safety. Let’s just hope our boy Chifuyu steps up to the plate and takes out Kisaki for him. I mean, of anyone, I think Chifuyu deserves that shot after everything that has happened in this week’s episode. But all this does beg the question? Can the future still change even if Baji does die here? Or will this continue to snowball as it did before – Mikey kills Kazutora upon seeing Baji, Kisaki provides a scapegoat to take the blame, Kisaki gains Mikey’s trust, and Hina and Akkun still end up dead in the future. I hope that doesn’t happen. C’mon Takemitchy! There’s probably still a chance for you to change the future!

I’m looking forward to the next episode to see how the remainder of this moment plays out. I feel a little cheated that the episode ended where it did. Now is not the time for a cliff hanger! People are pleading out and unconscious if something doesn’t happen soon, this junkyard is going to turn into a graveyard. Good luck everyone! Things are really not looking good for anyone!


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  1. Vance

    Maybe Baji lives because Takemichi told him to survive this battle no matter what, and that gives him the strength to hang on by a thread. If Baji dies, I see Toman going to hell just like it did originally.

    1. Quietcupcake

      That would be nice if he did! Things aren’t looking too hot for him (but things are also not looking super great for Mikey either haha), but if he pulls through I’m gonna throw the biggest celebration.

      If things do end up going to hell, I would be interested to see how Takemitchy tries to fix it ! (hopefully that might encourage another season haha)

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