Cheat Kusushi no Slow Life: Isekai ni Tsukurou Drugstore Ep 11

It’s a running joke in this episode that Reiji, Mina and Noela’s friends like to come hang out at the pharmacy at lunch time so they can get free food. Yep, even Vivi and Garo stop by on their days off. Mina’s cooking and baking are just that good. ;D

Paula is especially guilty of mooching. And hey, I won’t turn down a free meal either, but there should be a line, no? It’s called respect and good manners. Don’t abuse your friends’ generosity.

One day Paula stops showing up at lunchtime. When Reiji goes to her shop to see if she’s alright, he sees Paula studying for an upcoming exam. Shopkeepers like herself who sell tools must renew a sales license every two years to continue being certified by the kingdom. Having this license is meant to give customers peace of mind, since they’ll know they’re dealing with an “official” Kalta-certified shopowner.

However Paula’s having difficulty retaining all the information she needs to know for her exam. When Reiji shows up, Paula begs him to make her a medicine to help her pass her exam. Ethically Reiji can’t do that, and probably not even practically either. So instead he creates a medicine that will help Paula retain the information she studies.

And it works! Paula passes her exam and gets her license renewed. However because she drank MANY bottles of the medicine, she seems to be suffering some side effects like hyperactivity and insomnia. Hopefully that clears up soon!

Paula also gets brownie points for being the first female character to make the boldest move towards Reiji thus far. Too bad Noela cockblocks prevents Paula from landing her kiss. Actually, Noela being jealous plays a role in the second half of the episode too…

Speaking of which, Mina and Vivi become concerned about their skin and they ask Reiji to make a medicine that will help keep their skin looking young and healthy. In the real world this is a product normally marketed to women, but of course anyone can use it (kudos to Reiji for pointing that out).

Vivi in particular needs a product that will help block UV rays from damaging her very sensitive skin, so Reiji needs to make her a sunscreen. Mina’s excited about the cream too but her motivation for seeing its creation is because she thinks it’ll be a new successful product, and the profits it generates would help cover the pharmacy’s recent increase in food expenses (thanks Paula, Garo and Vivi – NOT).

It was cute seeing Mina and Vivi get so excited about the final product, but it was just as funny (if not slightly awkward) as Reiji’s reaction to being encouraged to poke the girls’ faces. For you see, the girls’ skin has now become very boingy~boingy and feels very elastic.

But this is where Noela’s jealousy comes back into play. Seeing Reiji fawn so much over Vivi’s new soft, bouncy skin makes Noela jealous, so she puts some of the new skin cream on her face too. Reiji also enjoys poking Noela’s face… almost a little too much?? This causes Reiji to worry that boingy~Noela might be even more adorable than floofy~Noela, and he’ll want to keep touching her face. ^^;;  It’s an odd thing to be worried about but I’m glad Reiji doesn’t go overboard with his reaction.

At the end of the day though, what’s important is that Vivi now has a sunscreen she can mix with her cooling gel to wear outside and protect her skin. ^_^v

Mina’s hopes for the cream being a hit come true very quickly as word gets around town that Reiji has a new medicine that will help keep people’s skin looking fantastic. It’s not long before many of Cheat Kusushi no Slow Life’s earlier characters come knocking at the pharmacy door wanting to try some of Reiji’s new skin cream. Even Kururu and Elaine make stops at the pharmacy!

Garo did his usual bit about being excited over seeing Noela, but thankfully it was confined to a handful of lines and didn’t take over the episode.

But speaking of Garo, it seems like his existence is finally being missed in the Demon World! FINALLY. Garo’s butler has resorted to putting up missing posters around town to try to track Garo down. Maybe Garo returning to the Demon World will be reserved for the finale next week? I hope so! Bye bye brat~

However what I’m the most excited for next week is seeing an episode devoted to Reiji’s backstory and how he came to Kalta! In the preview his actual isekai’ing looks to be rather uneventful, but I’m still curious to see what his old life was like and how he first adjusted to being in a fantasy world. Even if it’s only half an episode, I’ll be happy with the extra information.

Will you be sad to see Cheat Kusushi no Slow Life: Isekai ni Tsukurou Drugstore end?
Next week is the last episode – see you then!


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