After many fun and sweet episodes, it looks like the show is going to close out on a twist! I mean, the ending was a big enough twist but what could they possibly reveal next time?

Finally after 10 episodes, we get to see the mother’s face and see how she interacts with her children. I’m dying to know why the mother is summoning the Duke after I don’t know how many years. Again we’re reminded that she’s never contacted him when the Duke said that it was the first time his mother ever sent him a letter. The group was so close to maybe getting some sort of hint, so what could his mother want? Unsurprisingly, she’s a pretty cold person. The way she talks to Viola is really rough, I felt so bad for her when she dismissed her and called her a disgrace. And again to dismiss her wants like it’s nothing was just painful. I’ve really grown to like Viola a lot so it was sad to see her upset. T_T Of course, she just went against her mother’s wishes again and went to her brother’s place and after ditching her plans on running away, she had a slumber party with the girls. Which was very fun and cute.

Viola and Walter rummage around their home in hopes of finding clues for the Duke’s curse, which is when Viola comes across an old servant’s logbook, which becomes the biggest mystery of this episode. As well as a target.

If this logbook weren’t so important, then Daleth wouldn’t send Zain out to destroy it while threatening to hurt Cuff. And if she weren’t involved in the Duke’s curse in any way, then she wouldn’t be closely monitoring them. Of course I knew she was lying episodes ago when I saw that she recognized him, so of course something is up. Especially with that ending! The connections are proving to be true, with Alice’s family and the witches. We still have no idea what it all means, but there’s a huge mystery for us to find out along with the curse.

Of course, that’s not all going to be solved in next week’s finale. Second season, I hope?

I really appreciate how good of a person Zain is. First of all, I think it’s really adorable that he and the Duke are really close that they’ll hang out together on their own like the girls will. Their friendship is really nice, and it warmed my heart that Zain was completely honest with him about destroying the logbook because Daleth threatened him to. He believed in his heart it wasn’t correct, and since Duke and Alice are his friends, he refused. But Duke caring about Zain and Cuff he kindly offered Zain to burn the book anyway. They’re both so sweet, I just really love their bond with each other and seeing how strong their friendship is makes me happy that the Duke was able to befriend such nice people. What a lucky guy. The logbook is temporarily gone at the moment, but thanks to Zain’s magic, he can bring it back at any time. Hopefully soon, so we can get a look into what Sharon had wrote.

Again, I don’t expect anything grand to be solved in the finale next time but I do expect at least a little step into the right direction. What is Sharon’s connection with the witches, with the Duke’s family, and especially with Daleth? I think I would be happy enough just learning about who Daleth is, but I’m also looking forward to the Duke’s meeting with his mother next time. It should be an exciting finale for this show.


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