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AHHHH MY PRECIOUS BABIES~ I’ve read this manga a few years ago and loved it to bits, so I am delighted to see this series get an adaption! Tamahiko and Yuzuki are such a wholesome pair! They are incredibly lucky to have each other, especially given the circumstances that led to them being brought together.

Tamahiko never received love from his family, and when an accident that took his mother’s life and crippled his dominant hand, his father didn’t hesitate to exile him to the villa in the mountains of Chiba. Since his family wanted nothing to do with him, his father bought him a bride to care for him in their steed. As he spent his days waiting, Tamahiko suffered from insomnia, loathing himself, haunted by the scornful words from his family, and grew an incredibly pessimistic outlook on life. But when Yuzuki showed up at his door, it was the start of much brighter and warmer days ahead.

It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say Yuzuki is Tamahiko’s sunshine. The warmth and light she brings into his life when he was deprived of it for so long leaves him flustered and at loss of what to say or do. She is exactly who he needed in his life, and she is already committed to cherishing him, and doesn’t think of him any less with his injury.

My favourite scene of the episode was the when Tamahiko expressed his fears and doubts of how other sees/feels about him by the hearth. His family has busted his self-worth so much, that he believes everyone scorns him as much as they do. It was important in a way that it allowed Yuzuki to truly see where his insecurities came from, and in return she was able to support him by showing him through her actions that she is different from his relatives.

Tamahiko is very much in denial right now of the prospects of falling in love with Yuzuki, but boy, you’re already falling! OHOHOHOHOHO~

And Yuzuki is equally as fortunate to have Tamahiko has her groom. Even though she is a kind and optimistic girl who knows how to put on a strong front, she too has her own share of worries and loss. Despite the fact she is still under the marrying age of fifteen, she was sold off by her parents to cover their family’s debt. By becoming his bride, it meant she had to leave school, and on top of that she had no idea who she was bound to marry.

Luckily for her, Tamahiko is a good boy who despite his pessimistic outlook on life, he still knows how to show kindness to others.

What is nice about these two is that how they are able to open up with one another. The age gap isn’t big (three years), so it makes it easier for the two to connect. Tamahiko couldn’t fathom how someone as bubbly as Yuzuki could have any worries in the world, but when he pointed that out, she didn’t hesitate to tell him she in fact had two. The first was her complex about her hair. It’s fluffy and difficult to manage, that’s why she keeps it braided all the time. A trivial matter, but it was enough to make Tamahiko laugh for the first time in God knows how long, and in return it made her feel a bit better about her hair that it had made him smile.

It was also very cute how flustered Tamahiko was when he misunderstood what Yuzuki meant when she suggested to sleep together (in the same room but in separate futons). Hilariously she fell asleep like a rock and clutched to his sleeve, but lo and behold, he was finally able to get some sleep! But I did think to myself, “Girl! You should’ve let him sleep some more!” since it has been a while since he really slept properly!

Since this series is actually quite short (only five volumes long), I imagine we will see the whole story adapted for an exchange. So if you’re looking for your weekly cute and fluffy dosage, you can certainly count on Taishou Otome Otogibanashi to do that!

That said, I am not entirely sure if I will be covering this one yet. There is still one more show I am considering, and I decided I am only going to pick up two titles this season. Depending on how the other ones goes, I’m open to trying it out for three episodes to see if it tickles my muse enough to write about.

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