This episode, as expected, was a filler. However, for once,  they did this filler right by properly focusing more on Hisui and his background. In Season 1, Hisui was always made as a side character who was only there to help once in a while, and when there’s an episode specifically focusing on him and his family, he still didn’t give much of an impression on me. This episode, however, did Hisui justice by revealing why he decided to become a Demon Slayer and showed more interaction between him and Setsuna on a more personal level.

It was explained that Hisui used to be treated as the baby of the family, being the youngest son and all. He once trained to become a monk like Miroku, but stopped after his older sister, Kin’u, became one ahead of him. Not only that, his other sister Gyokuto took over their weapon-making and selling business, so Hisui was clueless of what path he should take. The one who helped him find his path was Kohaku. After witnessing his uncle took down a demon, Hisui decided to become a demon slayer like his uncle and mother. This path was the right one for Hisui, as becoming a demon slayer would require him to be separated from his family. By separating himself from his family, he was forced to rely on himself, and as the result able to become independent young man he is now. Had he stayed with them, he’ll forever become the baby of the family. It’s nice to know the reason why Hisui chose to become a demon slayer.

Here it is! Twins of devil! XD

Furthermore, we got to see Hisui interacting with Setsuna on a more relaxed situation. Before, all their interactions seemed to be more business-like, but their interaction in this episode clearly showed them more as friends. Hisui playfully teaching Setsuna writing a poem and Setsuna playing along with it was refreshing to see. And the way Hisui held her hand while calling her “Princess Setsuna” was SWEET! I totally ship them together! Even if they don’t have romantic feelings for each other, their friendship is still an eye candy to watch! I wish they’ll interact more like this in the future episode! Not forgetting the twins! They really did take after their father with their smooth talk and cunning mind! XD

Seeing Setsuna wearing a kimono was also a nice view. This was the first time she’s finally able to sleep after 10 years, so not only she slept so long but she felt so comfortable that she didn’t even notice she was kidnapped until she woke up by herself. While the sleeping part was an understatement, I’m honestly surprised that Setsuna so easily fell for Aiya’s lie. She has indeed changed after reunited with Towa, becoming more sympathetic, though in this case, I preferred her non-nonsense attitude because my dislike of Aiya. On the bright side, it allowed her moments with Hisui, so for once, I’m grateful Aiya!

It also touched Setsuna’s feeling regarding the concept of family. She never knew her parents until recently and got separated from her only sister and lost her memories. Because of this, Setsuna didn’t knew how it feels to have a family, and never thought much about it before until she’s reunited with Towa. Reuniting with her sister planted a seed of longing for a family within Setsuna, subconsciously. This would explained why she’s immediately attached to her birth mother, Rin, despite not knowing her much other than what she was told by others. Speaking with Hisui and seeing Aiya’s father trying to educate his daughter made Setsuna understood that Sesshomaru, though being distant and speak little, was sternly training her. Sesshomaru didn’t help her directly with her naginata and only gave her a small hint not because he didn’t want to, that was precisely his way of teaching, in his own strict way. The fact that Setsuna took his words to the heart proved how she acknowledged Sesshomaru as her father.

Overall, I enjoyed watching this episode. It balanced humour and character development in satisfying way. The next episode seemed to be another filler, but the preview also showed Zero speaking with Rion, and Towa training with Kohaku. Maybe it won’t be a complete filler. I hope it’s as good as this episode.


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