I am so happy that my wish of seeing Romero and Julietta again came true. And not only them, the episode also introduced another vampire, Rorona. The first part of the episode explained more about the vampire lore. It’s explained that among the vampires like Rorona, vampire is called Black Brood and her homeland is called the capital of Lord of Black, which was known by Romero as Land of Vampires. Even though they were from the same race, they came from different nation. Rorona’s Land of Vampires, as the name suggested, was a land where vampires reign as nobility over human commoners. In exchange for protection, humans willingly gave their blood. And if there are humans who are deemed worthy, the vampires would turn them into one of their kind. Rorona was one of humans who just recently been turned into a vampire. Furthermore, the nobles in Rorona’s homeland was able to overcome the weakness of sunlight by covering themselves with Black Dragon’s scale. Based on Rorona’s reaction upon her transformation into a vampire, it seems that humans and vampires were coexisting pretty well in the Land of Vampires.

The dish for the vampires was Roast Beef and Grape Liquor. To make it all the more appetizing, they even shaped some of the roast beef into a rose shape. As much as I love roast beef, the dish didn’t really caught my attention as I’m more interested in hearing about the vampire lore. I wonder how it’ll be if Rorona found out that Kuro is actually a Black Dragon. (^w^)

The second part showed Hilda bringing her two adventurer friends from the first episode that she had thought of introducing Nekoya to, albeit it’s more because the two of them secretly following her all the way to the restaurant. It turned out that after visiting Nekoya for the first time, Hilda has only been accepting jobs that require her to go to remote forests with low pay reward. This made her friends concerned, which was why she secretly followed her. They obviously didn’t expect her that she accepted all those jobs for the sake of visiting Nekoya for its dessert.

Since there were three types of cheesecake, Hilda’s friend decided to taste all three of them and compare their taste. While waiting, one of Hilda’s friends revealed bits of information about herself as well as her homeland. She came from the same nation as Renner and Shareef. The friendship between Renner and Shareef with Adelheid (and Shareef’s one-sided crush for Adelheid), led their countries to establish a friendly relation.

But putting that aside…CHEESECAKE! Oh, seeing all three types of cheesecake that I love was almost unbearable! I want to eat them too! Cheesecake is truly not “just a dessert” as Hilda said. After working alone for a long time, Hilda finally teamed up with them. As a team, they worked well together, but their taste in cheesecake, however, were different. Hilda preferred Souffle Cheesecake, Alicia preferred Baked Cheesecake, and preferred Rare Cheesecake. Like any close friends, they have no hesitation to get into a fight, though not exactly in a good way if it comes to using weapons. Fortunately, Kuro was there to stop the fight. Like a good waitress she is, she swiftly confiscated their weapons before things could escalate. Kuro, you’re so COOL! I laughed when the Master was surprised to see Kuro holding their weapons. XD


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