Moroha successfully took the spotlight for this episode. After scouting the castle, she cleverly came up with a plan to have Hachiemon transformed into Shogen and she feigned to be captured. Using psychological trick, they made the other Racoon-Dog demons into believing the real Shogen was Hachiemon in disguise. She also used the glide as decoy to misled Shogen and the others while in reality she and Kikunosuke were still inside the castle, and also gave Hachiemon and Takechiyo the opportunity to expose Shogen’s bad deeds to the rest of their clan. For someone who mostly charged first and didn’t use her brain much, this was a good improvement. Although, the decisive battle against Shogen was anti-climatic.

I’m confused with Moroha’s decision not to accept Takechiyo’s payment to pay her debt to Jyubei. Couldn’t she just pay off her debt and then continue her bounty hunter business like usual? She could still work for the corpse dealer for her living instead of for paying debts. That way, she could work freely without having to worry about her debts. Additionally, Kikunosuke is so cute! Cuter than Takechiyo! I want to carry him too!

At the same time, it’s funny that Setsuna managed to sleep so peacefully without being disturbed in the slightest during the whole fight against Yukindyou despite all the crashing caused by the traps set by Kohaku and Hisui as Setsuna instructed. Then again, she trusted that they’re able to handle things as she instructed even without her help, so that’s partially why she has no worries while sleeping.

Things went great for Moroha and Setsuna, but not in Towa’s case. For Nanahoshi to become stronger, Zero and Nanahoshi implanted Towa with Eternity Bug that fed off her enduring sorrow and unpredictability within Towa’s heart. From the preview, I assumed that the bug reminded Towa during her time adjusting in the modern era, which must be something not easy for child Towa who not only came from a different era, but also lost her twin sister. She’s like a child who just moved to a different home trying to fit in with the different cultures and society. And even though the connection between them was supposed to have been cut off the moment Sesshomaru killed the Dream Butterfly, Rin was still able to sense Towa’s pain, showing the strong bond Rin shared with her daughters.


Episode 12 finally delved into Towa’s past during the early time she arrived at the modern era. I’ve underestimated Towa’s trauma of losing her Setsuna. I thought that since she has finally found Setsuna, everything would be okay now, even if Setsuna still couldn’t remember Towa. I was initially annoyed by how Towa often made a fuss about Setsuna when things happened, but this explained episode everything. When Towa first arrived at the modern era, she desperately tried to look for Setsuna and felt very guilty for letting go of her hand during the fire. To make it worse, some bullies made fun of her determination in finding her sister and told her that it Setsuna didn’t actually exist. For a child her age where memories are something that can easily be changed, it’s understandable that Towa was afraid of forgetting her twin sister or the fact she has one.

For all those years Towa spent in the modern time, she was struggling with retaining her memories of Setsuna. Consequently, it left an emptiness in her heart, one that could never be filled even by her new family. The little act like holding Mei’s hand always reminded her of the time when she let go of Setsuna and tormented by the thought that someone whom she wished to hold hands with was not there with her. The only way for Towa to cope for this loss was by accepting any challenge she got from the bullies, but even then it only served as another form of frustration as she must held back her strength against them. That’s why when she was finally reunited with Setsuna, she insisted that Setsuna regained her memories and always worried for her. She’s afraid of losing her sister for the second time. She didn’t want to suffer the same loneliness she felt before ever again.

Finally, Setsuna was able to meet and speak Rin! I’ve been waiting for this moment! Although, it wasn’t at the best situation. Here, when we thought Setsuna would finally cut Rin’s connection with Zero, Rin must drop the bomb by revealing that the curse itself was Zero’s regret, another form of attachment. In order to break the curse and sever the connection between Rin and Zero, Setsuna must first cut the lingering attachment Zero has for the Great Dog Demon, whom she couldn’t save from his death despite knowing what would happen. Rin, seriously, even at the time likes this, you still found the time to sympathize with Zero and hoped to save her. Your kindness never changed. I hope you won’t die, Rin! No! (TT_TT)

Now I think I understood why she hates humans and half-demons in general. She prejudiced against them not only because of some petty jealousy, because if she didn’t, then her regret would consume her. She needed someone to blame so she won’t feel guilty of what happened to the one she loved but couldn’t save. The reason Zero went all the trouble asking for Nanahoshi’s help to reignite Towa’s trauma was because Zero wanted Towa to have a taste of how she felt when she couldn’t save the Great Dog Demon. After withholding for a while, Zero finally decided to return all of her Rainbow Pearls into herself. What is she planning now with her full power restored other than trying to make Towa suffer the same bitterness as she is? I don’t think she’ll just let herself be killed for that.


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