Yuuki Yuuna wa Yuusha de Aru: Dai Mankai no Shou Episodes 9 & 10


Like we saw from last episode, the Sentinels were called in for their final mission to be announced. We know it to be the part of Yuusha de Aru where Yuna must go through the Shinkon ceremony. It’s revealed that the Sentinel’s last mission is to defeat the Vertex while the ceremony is happening so it’ll go without a problem. We also find out that the tower “The Tower of a Thousand Views” has a cannon that they will end up using on their enemies and it’s imperative that they use it at the right time as they can only use it once.

At this time, Mebuki is questioning her memory over what happened after she had woken up from her last mission. She questioned why her memory is foggy and once she brings it up to the priestess, she is promptly ignored. She finds out later with her meeting with Karin that it was because of Yuna’s fire offering. When it comes to the Sentinel’s side, I do like that Mebuki called out the gods and priestesses for seemingly not deeming them worthy of knowing what the ceremony was, as they continued to be left in the dark. Mebuki is the type to continue doing her duties and following orders, but she continues to call out the higher ups. There’s not really much she can do on her end, but she’ll continue making herself known that she won’t be a stepping stone as she calls it.

The only other significant thing that happened this episode was Karin and Mebuki’s meeting. We spend a little more time with Karin after her “argument” with Yuna as she laments and cries about it. She transforms and crosses the wall to yell at the gods, only to notice the Sentinels’ ships. That’s fine and all, she’d be able to see those. But HOW did she SOMEHOW notice Mebuki specifically from so far away?! I hate it when anime does that. >_>

The girls meet up after not seeing each other for awhile, and it comes off as really awkward at first. An awkward conversation soon then turns into a full on fight as Mebuki gets angry with Karin about her attitude. It’s your typical “stop crying, that won’t get you anywhere!” type of fight. And we know Karin turns around in the end, along with the other girls. I don’t think (or I don’t remember) whether or not Mebuki (or a “friend”) was ever mentioned in her turning things around so I’d like to see at least a mention of it whenever there’s time for it. I’m not even sure at this point.

I guess it was nice to see the two reunite after awhile but it just felt like…filler. I guess. It was fine, we’ll see how it goes.


Most of this episode was very familiar as it just showed the final fight on the Heroes’ side, the only new part being the Sentinel’s side of things. It went like the typical Yuuki Yuuna fight, lots of action, yelling, and some comedy sprinkled in. But ugh Suzume…

Seeing the two fights going on at the same time was pretty cool, especially with the cannon, and it was interesting to see the people accepting their fate turning to dirt (to return to the soil) and those not having enough faith just disappearing. It really made you feel that things were truly coming to an end, especially when Aya was ready to just accept her fate as well before Mebuki snapped her out of it. I know Aya has a stronger attachment to the gods and all that because she’s a miko, but (I’m sorry I always repeat myself) because WE DON’T REALLY KNOW who these girls are, this moment didn’t feel as strong as it could have.

We’re going to get to the part where Togo reaches Yuna, and now I’m wondering just what else we’re going to get? The next episode is going to be the finale of the second season but we still have two more episodes to this season. I hope whatever they have planned will end of a good note, to a boring and pointless season.


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