Following up from last week, we were introduced to Sajuna’s sweet little sister Shinju. She is the photographer and also the one who started up and runs Juju’s account after wanting to share just how cute her sister is. She is very passionate about photography, and is very good at it too. Marin had asked if she was interested in cosplaying too, but while she denied it, Wakana looks to have picked up that she wants to, but has personal reasons why she has reservations about it.

As for the cameras Wakana freaked out he saw just how much one costs. Marin is quite determined to save-up for one, but until then, they’ll be able to get by with a smartphone.

But just as Sajuna and Shinju says, investing in photography isn’t cheap, but it really does elevate the quality of the works when you buy the right equipment (not to mention, if taken care of properly/depends on how much it is used, DLSR cameras can last you for as long as 10 years (My Nikon D90 lasted as long before the shutter broke down). Of course smartphones’ cameras are also rapidly evolving, and while their quality can be quite good, DSLR still offers a lot of things a smartphone can’t do such as shutter speed, manual control, blur, capturing motion without a blur, and more!

One of the locations Sajuna had settled on for their photoshoot is at an abandoned hospital, but it turns out Sajuna was not coping with the eeriness very well. She tried to toughen up about it, but with the gloomy weather outside certainly didn’t make her feel more at ease. But she was determined to see this through and inspect the place since she is committed to doing the photoshoot for Flower Princess Blaze justice.

For Sajuna, cosplaying is a way for her to continue her childhood dream. When she was a child, she thought that one day, she too could become a magical girl. But as she grew up, she realized it wasn’t something that could come true. However that mindset changed when she saw a cosplay in a shop window, and after buying it, she discovered that she can still be the magical girl she dreamed of, just in a different way.

That’s also why she wanted Wakana to be the one to make the outfit. When she saw Marin’s outfit of Shizuku, she fell in love at first sight, and couldn’t help but feel jealous about it. All she knew that it had to be him. And I think that’s a beautiful thing.

Of course hearing that overwhelmed Wakana with emotions because his grandfather has always said it’s their goal is to have their works catch people’s eyes, and likened it wanting them to experience love at first sight. So for Wakana to achieve this means he’s one step closer to his own dream.

Other than that, since Wakana doesn’t need to crunch for the outfits, Marin spontaneously took him to the beach, which turns out to be his first time being there. It was pretty funny how Marin lost her burger to a bird that swiped it out of her hands when she was asking Wakana to feed her a fry. Hilariously Wakana ended up throwing the fries at the first (which it caught) as a sacrifice to salvage the one burger they still had left, only to belatedly realize that was totally littering hahahaha!

Perhaps the most hilarious part that snuck by was the indirect kiss between them. I was just waiting it to click for one of them, but amazingly it never came and they were just comfortably sharing food (apart from the bubble tea- dang it I’m seeing this everywhere and now I want to get my own.) Nevertheless, it was sweet just to see them chilling and having fun at the beach. Marin also decided to the initiative to make sure they hang out and go to all sorts of new places that Wakana has yet to visit.

= v = Gosh these two are so wholesome~ That’s all for this week, ’till next time!


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