Ah man, time sure flew by fast because here we are at the final episode! Man, I’m going to miss this. It was definitely my favourite show this season! I’m going to miss it a whole lot!

For better or worse, (and this case, I’d say for the better), we didn’t see them cope with the aftermath of last week’s embarrassing mishaps. And honestly I’m totally fine with that, because I will take wholesome fluff content over characters walking on eggs shells around each other any day.

With summer vacation coming to a close, catching up to the summer homework and model work (all for the dreamy DSLR Camera) was what was bogging Marin down for most part, but the two of them were able to make some time together to hang out in between. They were also quietly making progress on her next cosplay, but since it was not the focus we didn’t hear much about it. That said, there was just something so cute about Wakana holding those pretty ribbons and checking its placement on her headband.

So instead we were given yet another episode of wholesome fluff with our two besties just hanging out, being the charming unofficial couple that they are.

The first activity was watching a horror movie that Marin suggested. Wakana of course never watched one before, and Marin doesn’t typically watch any herself thought it’s just a movie, how scary could it possibly be? Well hilariously enough, it was Wakana who was engrossed in it because he was amazed by the makeup and the costumes, and Marin who tried to play it cool, but didn’t handle it very well, hahaha! She really didn’t want to watch it again for the second time when Wakana had asked if he could rewind it to look at certain scenes, so it really came as a surprise that she decided to watch the movie’s sequel on her own. Lo and behold, that was clearly not the wisest idea, and poor Marin was so spooked by it she ended up calling Wakana at night to chat on speaker so she wouldn’t feel so alone!

It was such a cute moment, but the was icing on the cake for her to tell Wakana that she loves him.  Of course the guy is sound asleep, so he has no idea that she had just confessed to him, but I really love that they chose to end the season with that scene. It was a charming way to wrap things up, while teasing us for a second season ‘with see you again’. And with how well the manga sales are doing, I would say I’m feeling confident we will see one in the future.

The second event that followed the first horror movie viewing was short and sweet, but still exceptionally cute all the same. Marin realized she had forgotten her math drills at school, so she and Wakana went over to pick it up. On their way out, they dropped by the school’s pool, which Marin thought it’d be fine to dip her toe in, only to fall into the water. Turns out the girl only knows how to sink not swim, so Wakana had to fish her out of there.

But it brings us to a full circle when they discuss about how they can love things that they aren’t necessarily good at. For Marin, even though she can’t swim, she enjoys going to the beach just to chat, eat and take pictures, but her favourite part is simply looking out at the ocean. As for Wakana, he still isn’t very good at painting their faces yet, he still loves the Hina Dolls.

And finally, the festival, one of my favourite parts of the episode! (But who am I kidding, I love all of their moments together!) Marin invited Wakana out to a festival, making it his first time attending one. It was certainly a treat, especially since Marin decided to wear a yukata and she looked exceptionally beautiful today in it. It was adorable to see her teasing him about the exposure of the nape her of neck–which she hit the bullseyes on since he froze up and got flustered, SO CUTE!!!! Needless to say, the yukata is very much in line with Wakana’s tastes in clothes, and you could tell he was quite smitten by it, heheh.

Their time at the festival was a special one for Wakana, especially since every year up to this point, he had always been alone in his room. The festival was just a loud noise in the distance he’d hear and never paid much mind to it. But this year he gets to see it up close with an irreplaceable friend that has played a part in expanding his horizons.

It was so funny how this moment of entrancement was spoiled by Marin startling Wakana with her blue tongue from the shaved ice she was eating. I will never get over how Wakana is so new to all of these things, but it’s because of that is what makes it so cute to watch.

The piggyback was definitely the highlight since they are so freaking cute. Marin already making promises and ambitiously suggesting they should try going to all the fireworks festivals in the Kanto region next summer. I think it’s just utterly precious how Wakana was actually interested in that idea. It would certainly be a fun adventure to see them do!


Final Thoughts

AHHHHHH WAKANA AND MARIN ARE SO FREAKING CUTE, I CAN’T. Ugh I love them so much! I just love how these two became best friends, but they are already totally acting like a couple, this is my jam.

I am pleased to say they really did a fantastic job with adapting My Dress-Up Darling. I’ve read this series a while back, but I didn’t get as far as last week’s episode, so when I went back to catch up on the manga, i realized that they really amped things up more so than the manga did. They were pretty much like, “Okay let’s kick this scene up a notch to 110% more lewd.” Other than that, they really did a great job with it, and made it absolutely gorgeous.

For a series that can be quite lewd at times, My Dress-Up Darling somehow manages to be incredibly wholesome, which is honestly what makes this series shine the most. The chemistry between Marin and Wakana is just such charming and so adorable, that you can’t get enough of it.

Wakana is also an incredibly endearing protagonist. Like how could you not love this shy boy? He is such a sweetheart. He is admirably dedicated to practicing his craft in order to become a Hina Doll kashirashi like his grandfather, and while he started out as someone who lacked confidence and harbored insecurities about his interests, he was able to take the courage he gained through meeting Marin, and pass it forward to others. And that is the most beautiful way to highlight one’s growth.

Best of all, Marin is such a wonderful heroine with great personality. She is able to tap into the cool and considerate, while also simultaneously possessing the (incredibly relatable) energy of a true enthusiastic fan like no other. She really empowered Wakana to just be true to himself by reassuring him that it’s okay for him to not compromise on things that are important to him, such as the significance of calling one or something ‘beautiful’. In-fact, it was precisely because the word ‘beautiful’ isn’t something he says so lightly that when he did say it to Marin, she imeaditely fell head over heels for him and the rest was history!

Seriously, don’t let the ecchi tag dissuade you from watching this! It is greatly entertaining and has charming characters with wholesome content. It’s a delightful series that will most certainly liven up your day. So really, I encourage anyone looking for a great romantic comedy to give this one a whirl, you won’t regret it!

Final Score: 9/10


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  1. Dario

    I wholeheartedly concur, this is the anime I enjoyed the most this season. The pacing was fantastic, the art wonderful, and the couple is absolutely adorable.

    Perhaps what I liked the most in the characters is the honesty in which they act, despite their insecurities. And that their development feels neither rushed nor static.

    Anyway, they managed to have me grinning in a lot of scenes, wishing the best for them. Definitely leaves you in a good mood.

    1. Eva

      Oh they absolutely wore their hearts on their sleeves. It’s so great to see them be so direct with each other, as you said, despite their insecurities they recognized the other respected each other as well.

      = v = Yup this series had me laughing and grinning so much too. It was something great to look forward to on Saturdays, so I’m definitely got miss it. Here’s to hoping we’ll see more announced sooner than later! 😀

  2. zztop

    Manga readers say the anime about covered the 1st 39 chapters, so you can start reading from Chp 40 if you wish.

    Wouldn’t be surprised if it gets an S2 though, given the manga sales so far.

    Also, art by the mangaka to celebrate the last episode.

    1. Eva

      Yup, I couldn’t wait till this week so I caught up last week hahahahaha! There’re some great and interesting characters to meet in this half. Also LMFAOOOOOOO POOR WAKANA AHAHAHAHAHAHA!

        1. Eva

          Ooh nice find! Thanks for sharing!

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