The comedy in this second episode was better than the first one for me. What I found the funniest was the first part when Aharen came to school in a beaten-up condition that gave an impression she got into a fight with other student when in reality she just got hit by walls and poles on her way to school because there was something slipping into her left eye that caused her vision to be limited. What’s interesting, however, was that Raidou actually imagined Aharen got into a fight and WON against delinquents instead of the other way around. Despite her small body, Raidou actually believed that Aharen was very strong. XD

And it’s very shocking that Raidou never realized his pants zipper was opened the whole time, showing his strawberry underwear. Only when he was at home did he realize that Aharen was trying to tell her. I couldn’t imagine how embarrassed he was. His zipper was opened for the whole day! And why it has to be a strawberry motives? Raidou sure has a strange preference in choosing his underwear. lol

The second episode also introduced Aharen’s childhood friend, Mitsuki Oshiro, who became the highlight of this episode. When she was first teased, it gave an impression that she’s some love rival or the sort that would get between Aharen and Raidou. In a way, yes, she intended to get between the two, only that was done with the intent of protecting Aharen from Raidou. Due to Raidou’s “scary” face and Mitsuki’s timid nature, she came to conclusion that Aharen was deceived by Raidou. Unfortunately, despite her good nature, Mitsuki’s timidity caused her to be easily scared by Raidou even when he did nothing and she could only stalking Aharen and Raidou from afar, which is pretty cute of her, especially when she’s bigger and taller than Raidou. I always appreciate timid characters who still try to do their best to do what they think is right for their friend. I do feel bad for Raidou who was stressed out by not only being called scary but also has Mitsuki following him no matter where he went, even to the rest room and classroom.

Aharen actually knew all along that Mitsuki has always been following her. Unlike Raidou (or people in general), however, Aharen appreciated Mitsuki’s stalking, accepting it as Mitsuki’s way of showing that she truly cares for her. In fact, she didn’t consider it as Mitsuki stalking her, she considered it as Mitsuki simply walking home together with her and Raidou after school like any other students, something that she’s always grateful of. Of course, when Aharen admitted this straight to Mitsuki, the latter was embarrassed to know that Aharen realized it all this time, which prompted her to stalk from a far more distance between them. (^_^;)

The after-ending reversi game was very cute. The way Aharen and Raidou were so serious over a simple board game made it so comical. Seriously, the way Raidou got fired up to make Aharen went all out after realizing she held back, only for him to get a losing streak afterwards and gave up by stopping the game in a draw with the excuse of their school time is over and forcefully ended it in a draw. Not wanting to admit loss, huh? (^w^)


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