Things are finally coming together. While one part of Jolyne’s goal was completed, she’s still missing one piece. And surprising them, they have a new ally on their side. And to make things even more fun, we finally see who White Snake belongs to.

I knew the mystery sixth person in the group was the woman in the tank top since we had seen the other ladies in the shot where Jolyne and Hermes run to catch up to the jeep. But man that whole scene in the beginning with their bodies getting sucked of their moisture and all that was horrifying. I didn’t remember that particular scene so I wasn’t expecting it, but it was done really well. We find out that Foo Fighters, or F.F., is not a human but an organism with intelligence. After that long existential speech, FF is basically a stand user that started off as a plankton with intelligence and stuff. But thanks to that it has a pretty big weakness, being that it needs water to survive at all times. It needs a some source of water nearby, such as taking it from the wetlands nearby, or from humans, etc. Maybe not the most exciting fight but there were some good moments.

I have to point out the similarities between Jotaro and Jolyne again. It made me laugh, but Jolyne not being sure who the fake was and choosing to just beat up everyone is definitely something Jotaro from Part 3 would do. And while she can be pretty brash, Jolyne is very smart and witty such as sneakily using her thread on the tractor. But the main thing that stood out to me was when Jolyne chose to save FF instead of letting Hermes kill it. She could see that FF was only conditioned to protect those discs, but because it was its own free will. It didn’t even know White Snake all that well or even know who the user was. Realizing this, she chose to save it and just strike a deal with it. She only wanted Jotaro’s discs, it could just keep the others ones and do whatever. Even though this thing killed people, she took it upon herself to see things a different way and do what she thought was right. This just reminds me in Part 2 of Stardust Crusaders when Jotaro gave N’doul this same chance. Jotaro never really pleaded or had a conversation with his enemies, so it was special when he did with N’doul just to understand WHY he would follow someone like Dio, and basically it wasn’t too late to just dip. Of course N’doul ended up killing himself in the end, with Jotaro giving him a burial. They’re both aggressive people but they are also really compassionate and it makes me giddy that they share these traits between each other. I just wish their relationship with each other was better.

So in the end Jolyne reclaims the Star Platinum disc but she’s not able to find Jotaro’s memory disc. FF shows up unexpectedly in Atroe’s body. We learn only a tiny bit of who Atroe was, a girl who had dreamed of being kidnapped. I’m not even sure what could have led to that, a bad family? She ended up in the prison for kidnapping a child herself, not even knowing why she did. Wanting to stay and protect Jolyne, FF takes up Atroe’s body. After realizing that she still needs water to survive and getting strange water scenes, FF explains that the discs that are in the tractor wheel are the discs that aren’t compatible with White Snake, or are just less important to him. Meaning, even though Star Platinum is known to be one of the more stronger Stands, the main thing that White Snake wanted from Jotaro was his memory disc which he still possesses. So while getting Star Platinum was a victory, Jolyne still needs to find White Snake and its user to reclaim the memory disc. But at least with the Star Platinum disc, it’ll revive Jotaro and keep him from seriously rotting and dying. Thank goodness. T_T

But now, this is Jolyne’s next mission: Make sure to get the Star Platinum disc to the Speedwagon Foundation. How? Not sure just yet, but it won’t be easy. Especially when White Snake’s user, Father Pucci, goes after Jolyne. That’s right, Pucci is finally here! I remember Pucci not making the biggest impression on me when I read the manga, so I can’t wait to see how I’ll feel through the anime. Can’t wait for the next few episodes just for that!


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