Episode 20

Not much to say about this episode since was a really simple but a charming one! I appreciated the way they handled Amane’s intentions of teaching Yui and Ran table etiquette. She never put them down, or acted like a know-it-all, she only tried to help them out with the best intentions. Kokone understood this, so even though she had quietly mentioned it’s okay for them to be casual about it, she let Amane do her thing. And much like when the two of them worked together on baking the cake, once more we saw how Kokone and Amane or very much on the same wavelength of each other, and I enjoy their interactions quite a bit.

But I’m not gonna lie, I did cringe out of second-hand embarrassment when Mari suggested it was time for them to dance. It’s just so cheesy, even Kokone was like, “Seriously?” Well at least it wasn’t for nothing as he did do his part as Takumi’s wing-man. He did say he would try and help him out! And speaking of Takumi, I laughed really hard when we saw him pop out of the bushes because I wasn’t actually expecting Takumi to show up for the fight this week, so when we saw him in the bushes, I was like, “WAIT HOW?” But thankfully we later got a smooth explanation that Kokone had actually invited both Takumi and Amane’s brothers to join them as well. Good job Kokone!

Episode 21

AW MANNN, NOW I WANT GREEN TEA AND RED-BEAN SHAVED-ICE! WHY DO ALL THE GOOD PLACES HAVE TO BE SO FAR AWAY! There’s a really good shop of it downtown too… Back in June I had the chance to finally check it out and it was soooooooooo good.

This week was yet another simple episode, but I liked how this episode was a nice combination of the value of the food’s history and memories that’s made from them. We actually got to learn of a couple of interesting fun facts about how the ice-houses were built back then, and the (vaguely general) process of how sweet rice jelly was made, and how it was traditionally eaten on Kori no sekku as a prayer for good health!

This time we got to see Amane and Ran interact with each other. Similarly to Kokone, Amane and Ran are not quite on the same wavelength, but their shared appreciation for the history of food is something the two were able to connect with each other. However some feathers were ruffled a bit when Ran decides that in order to save her sweets favourite shop from closing down, she’ll do her best to advertise it. The problem was that Ran was too caught up in her own assumptions (though an old man was unintentionally partially to blame for that since he contributed to planting that idea in her head) and in a sense, denial about her favourite sweets shop closing down. At first she had thought it was because of the new department store that was pulling away business, but that presumption was driven by the idea that it was only because the shop wasn’t getting enough business anymore.

But when she and Amane had visited the shop, Amane understood that there were likely other factors that were prompting the closure of the shop, most noticeably the fact the owner Sakie, is elderly woman, and she can only do so much for so long. So she had tried to gently explain to Ran that there were likely other reasons for why she was closing up. Unfortunately Ran didn’t take it very well and insisted she’ll just advertise it by her own means. It wasn’t until after she finally had a conversation with Sakie about how she was promoting the shop at school that she learned Sakie was choosing to retire. After-all, all good things come to an end. She offered some encouraging words of how she hopes that by closing the shop that it will give way to the new and next generation of sweets shops in the area. But man, the last bit where we saw Sakie standing quietly alone in her shop, quietly reflecting on all the memories she had made working there choked me up real good. It is always hard to let go of something like that, and it will always be a bittersweet moment when it’s one that was done upon one’s choosing. But if becomes a part of her customers’ cherished memories, she is good.

Apart from that, this week’s battle actually gave Takumi a chance to be Yui’s hero. Goodness, she and the girls found themselves in a real pinch this time round, and Yui being the unfortunate target yet again quickly found herself being tossed into a freaking ice-shaver. I mean I know there was comedy going on with the way Mari had lunged himself at the monster in attempt to stop it, but let’s just take a moment to realize just how messed up and terrifying that by Yui had almost been shredded. Yui ought to count her lucky stars, because if Takumi hadn’t been around, that could have been a game over for her and the rest of them. It is moments like this that makes Takumi’s role as their support incredibly helpful.

That said, since Yui finally was in close proximity with him when the battle had ended, she didn’t want to miss the opportunity to try and get some answers. Though I have to admit, I was a bit surprised she didn’t outright grab him to stop him from leaving. That would have been a sure way to make sure he couldn’t just bolt again. But in the end, even though everyone had their chance to ask their questions, Takumi only gave them the ambiguous answer of helping them out because he wants to.

I am excited to see that next week will be focusing on Takumi’s role as Black Pepper. It looks like Narcistoru is trying to undermine him by suggesting he is only getting in the way of the girls, but we all know that couldn’t be further from the truth. Rather, it would be more accurate to say he has been successfully getting in the way of the Bundoru Gang, making the timing of his (and Cure Finale’s) arrival effectively neutralizing whatever advantage they were hoping to have with their newly upgraded monsters. So Narcistoru just about had it with him. That said, I can understand why Takumi would be vulnerable to such words because as much as he would like to help them out, he is cautious about overstepping his bounds (of trying to help/protect Yui). It would also probably be fair to say Takumi isn’t entirely sure of what’s the best way to support them. Up until now he has been lingering on the sidelines, only intervening if he feels like he help them get out of a pickle like today and other instances. So it’s going to be interesting to see what kind of incident serves as the catalyst  for Narcistoru to prey on Takumi’s uncertainty.


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