We’re getting at the point of the show where if there are consequences, it’s going to be permanent now. Shinpei is really getting at his limit of his time looping power and there’s only so much he can do in the end. I didn’t think that he had another loop in him to turn to but he had no choice but to when he found out almost all of his friends were dead. But this new time loop…

Yeah so I had a feeling that Hizuru wouldn’t be making it until the very end and that sucks. Shinpei has to loop again and barely makes it to save everyone. Hizuru puts up a great fight but she uses her strength to her limit and ends up getting killed by Shide. During her battle she used Ryuunosuke to her advantage and was able to use him to damage him by sending him into Shide’s hollow armor. That could be a hint to how the rest of the gang will be able to find Shide’s weakness in order to kill him. Sadly this had to come from Hizuru’s sacrifice.

In the previous time loop, Sou and Mio are killed once Shadow Mio and Shinpei find Shide. After killing him Shadow Mio doesn’t find memories and he isn’t a shadow so he seems to be a clone. Made by Haine most likely. After finding a dying Tokiko, Shinpei shoots himself to loop. He was able to BARELY make it to another loop, sort of being able to see his next spawn point through the horizon. I didn’t know him seeing that was possible but I guess it makes it very convenient. I’m sure because of the adrenaline, Shinpei acted really fast and made sure to tell Shadow Mio the events of what happened so that she would be able to scan him in the next loop so they would be up to speed and get moving. I’m surprised that he was also quick to point the gun to his head, but I appreciate that there was at least a little bit of hesitation to it. I know Shinpei has let himself die multiple in order to loop, but it’s never easy to just kill yourself. I still think Subaru’s hesitation and fear was done better in Re:zero, you could really feel his terror at having to kill himself. But then again he had to choose jumping off a cliff into jagged rocks, at least Shinpei had a gun to make it easier on himself. And even if he didn’t do it right (which is possible), Shadow Mio would have finished him off properly. Still, a good bit of thrill.

Unfortunately he doesn’t make it in time to save Hizuru in the new loop and she passes away. She warns the group that Shide is the real bad guy here and Haine is being used by him, she’s nothing but a child being taken advantage of. Before dying she passes Ryuunosuke onto Shinpei in order for him to aid them on their battle with the Shadows. I saw this coming and it’s disappointing. Hizuru was extremely entertaining and cool and I’m going to miss her in the show, but she’s a total badass for fending off Shide until Tokiko and the others arrived and was also sort of able to find a weakness in Shide. I felt so bad that she basically blamed herself for Ryuunosuke’s death since it was her getting close to Haine that made her turn into that…somehow. And so she thinks that she’s the reason why her brother was killed and at least she believes she had to redeem herself. I don’t remember if it really was her fault that Haine completely changed, I don’t think we got a clear answer for all of that (unless I forgot, which is possible). And before passing away, Hizuru left some last words: Shide is the big boss of their battle and not Haine, Haine is being brainwashed and controlled by him in order to create his own ending. Whatever that may be but of course it’s nothing good. I’m not sure how I feel about this, I can’t really feel terrible for Haine because of all the horrible things she’s done so far. Maybe my opinion could change if we actually got some more backstory from her, but this is how I stand. I’m glad Ryuunosuke was able to leave unscathed but losing his sister is going to be tough for him considering they’ve technically been together this whole time, even though they JUST were able to speak to each other face to face. I won’t forget you Hizuru!

So I guess it’s confirmed that Ushio is not dead. Clone Shide mentioned fear of possibly being hacked. At the end Shinpei’s pocket glowed when Shide threw a knife at him and seeing this made Haine and Shide retreat. That little shell is the secret and I guess a piece of her is still in there. How she can come back, I have no idea.


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