I really don’t think the objective of this episode was to make me laugh, but I just could not stop laughing for the life of me. I know there’s a lot of dated magical girl tropes and I’m not going to complain about them, but I won’t stop laughing at them because my god is it funny. Ichigo and Aoyama’s drama is just over the top. However, I will give it to Aoyama for fending off those chimera wasps because those things are terrifying.

“Drink the damn coffee.”

So with some of the plot has to move along now, but just a little bit since we went back to the Ichigo/Aoyama stuff. Kish isn’t producing results and we have the rest of the villains to take up the spotlight now that Kish has been ordered to stand down. We meet with Tart and Pie, and it’s Pie that causes trouble this time. And now that we have the whole group here, Ryou repeats their mission: Get rid of the aliens. Once all of the threats are extinguished is when they will have their normal bodies back. They celebrate with a cute little cake made by Keiichiro and I thought it was really cute that they each ate the slice with their own figures. Zakuro is also working at the cafe and the explanation for how people weren’t freaking out that she was working there was both hilarious and stupid. “People wouldn’t believe that a top celebrity would work at a place like this.” “Is that how it works?” That’s…so silly. It makes zero sense and it’s complete bull but I guess we’re just going to roll with it. My favorite part of the episode was probably this part though with Zakuro serving everyone. It seems like she would be capable but her customer service skills actually suck, but people enjoy her service anyways. The part where she brings the guy coffee instead of his tea and basically says “You’re drinking coffee and you’re gonna fucking like it” was perfection, 10/10.

So to no surprise, the news of the Mew Mews goes around the school and Ichigo is freaking out from all the attention. And this extends to Aoyama especially since she never liked hiding her secret from him from the start, and she’s also worried that he’ll find out her identity. So yeah I don’t care for Ichigo and Aoyama’s relationship all that much. They were cute at first but we’ve barely seen them together all that much and they seem to be head over heels for each other and it’s just whatever for me. So the fact that this extremely dramatic music started to play as Ichigo lamented about Aoyama figuring out her identity as a Mew Mew with tears in her eyes was…too funny for me. Ichigo getting so deeply emotional about this is so over the top for me and I can’t really take it seriously. The music, the angles, the emotion. I also just don’t understand her mindset of: Aoyama finds out I’m Mew Ichigo, then we’ll never be together. I know she’s a silly teenager and she’s overreacting but she doesn’t even explain WHY they wouldn’t be together if he found out. Would it be because he’d think she was weird or creepy? Because it’d be dangerous (it already is)? Or simply because he’d be mad that she was lying to him this whole time? It really is too much, but still hilariously entertaining.

And the kicker! Again, I know, magical girl tropes (and even superheroes). But Aoyama was RIGHT THERE when Ichigo transformed. They have the same face, same voice. Her name is Ichigo. Her hero name is Mew Ichigo. And he STILL doesn’t think it’s Ichigo! At first I thought Aoyama was just pretending that he didn’t know it was Ichigo just to avoid drama or whatever, so I was waiting the whole time for his expression to change, or for us to hear his inner thoughts or something. And then the credits rolled and I busted out laughing. I can suspend my disbelief but it’s the fact that her Mew Mew name is Mew Ichigo and she tells him to his face, and Ichigo‘s name is Ichigo, but he doesn’t think it’s Ichigo is one of the funniest things ever.

Okay, enough of that. So Pie was the villain for this episode but he didn’t go all out. His enemies were different that Kish’s and weaker too, but it seems to be like it was on purpose just so he could collect data. I feel like this might be the pattern for the rest of the season as the villains will just collect data on each girl, so each girl will get their own episode? Might be a little boring and repetitive but it’ll give the girls their spotlight again.


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