At long last we’re finally getting a real boss fight! The girls’ fight against Gentlu was rather trivial in comparison to the hits they were taking today. Simply put, Narcistoru kicked their butts, and this was a fight where they really needed all the help they could get. Takumi wasn’t present for the first round against Gossori Ubau-zo, but if he had, he probably would’ve lost his mind had he seen Yui lose her form. The second round, he was there to catch her after Narcistoru sent her flying, and played a critical role of both giving cover alongside Ran and Kokone, and fighting Narcistoru alongside Mari. It was crucial for the two of them to keep him busy so that he couldn’t intervene with the girls’ efforts, as he alone was able to keep them all in check when Yui and Amane were trying so hard to snatch the Delicioustone out of his hands. Needless to say, I really enjoyed this fight. It’s always fun to see the antagonist hold his own.

However it became apparent after they lost the first round against Narcistoru that they were unlikely to defeat him and his monster as they were. That’s when Pam-Pam brought up more details on Kome-Kome’s ancestor Connectal Mochimochitto Fukkurara Glycogen Komex I, who was brought up in last week’s episode. Pam-Pam described her to have been more powerful than her and Mem-Mem combined, which gave her hope that Kome-Kome too could assist the girls in taking down the Gossori Ubau-zo. This was a big deal to Kome-Kome because after watching the girls be pummeled and toyed with, she hated that she was unable to help them in their time of need. This happened again when Narcistoru and his new monster gave them yet another round of beatings, and at this point she had a full break down because of her powerlessness. In the end, the only way they were able to finally overcome the Gossori Ubau-zo was thanks to Kome-Kome’s true power awakening to the power of the girls’ love for her.

Although Narcistoru had proven to be an incredibly powerful opponent, in the end, he was arrested by Mari and it looks like he will be taking him back to CooKingdom probably for further interrogation.It will be interesting to see what becomes of him, and how he will choose to proceed going forward considering Secretoru had warned him that if he failed again (and he did), he would be displaced. So now everything is up in the air. Should he escape, this guy could go rogue if he wanted to, and back-stab the Bundoru Gang, potentially outwitting them. Or he could try to screw them over by sharing intel that he does know about, but I don’t think he’s inclined to help anyone at this point. We did actually get a glimpse into his past, where we saw how despite sitting a lively table, he clearly wasn’t enjoying himself. If anything he looks really discouraged, lonely and bitter. At that moment, another possibility crossed my mind: What if he actually can’t taste anything? It’s so much harder to enjoy food if you can’t enjoy the taste. But then there was also a sense of loneliness and exclusion, where he it felt like he was an outsider at the table. It didn’t appear that anyone was interacting with him, and when he left, it felt as though he was invisible. Anyhow, Narcistoru seems dead set on hurting others, as he claims it’s the only way he knows how to live.

And one more thing: I’m having a hard time trying to pin point exactly what it is about Gentlu that Narcistoru seems to be rather obsessed with to the point he is constantly trying to provoke Amane into fighting him. It does feel like they are trying to draw something here (apart from the fast he’s sadistic shit who loves tormenting and inflicting pain onto others), but I’m honestly confused as to what this connection is supposed to be. First he likens her as a puppet/doll, and then the next he says she’s his “mate” or whatever– point is it was creepy– but like, where are they going with this?

Overall, this was a solid episode and I am glad we finally got the long awaited boss fight. Their upgraded weapon, special attack and outfits were all really cute! But I’m very curious as to what will become of Narcistoru now that he no longer has a place with the Bundoru Gang. As mentioned earlier, I suspect that Mari is taking him back to CooKingdom to be interrogated, and whether he decides to cooperate as a means of payback of being used as a disposable pawn, or perhaps may just try to break out on his own. I can’t imagine this will be the last time we see of him stirring up trouble. Being no longer bounded to to any organization, this gives him room to do as he please. And who knows, maybe he will try to one-up Secretoru and Godatz.

Speaking of, I am excited to see what Secretoru has in store for us— provided this means we’re actually going to see her do something for an exchange. That woman has been passive since episode 1, dropping forgettable and not to mention really stupid one-liners that never seem to serve any real true purpose. It’s unclear whether we will also be seeing some new faces, but at this point I’m not really convinced that we will, apart from Bundoru Gang’s boss, Godatz. I would certainly welcome it, as long as they aren’t limited to robots.


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  1. mr.knight

    Personally i think Narcistoru enjoyes hurting others and fighting eithers because of whatever happened to him in the past, so he actively wants to provoke others so he can continue fighting and Amane is the best canditate for that since she has every reason to hate him and antagonise him, so she wouldn’t feel sorry for him and continue fighting him instead of feeling sorry for him. Maybe he wasn’t in control of his actions in the past like forced to sit aroung people and enjoying food ( i don’t know his trauma connecting food seems really vauge right now ) so he also sees himself in Amane since she also wasn’t in control of her actions? Basically he wants to continue being antagonistic without people showing compassion to him and in his mind Amane would provide him what he wants, of course Amane is a precure so she wouldn’t fight him out of revenge but he doesn’t know that

  2. Eva

    Notice: Episode 29 will be released as a double-post next week.

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