Well things are ramping up as we’re reaching the end. While the aliens haven’t been wreaking as much havoc as I thought they would, they’re finally unleashing a really dangerous and sinister plan. And Ichigo is Aoyama hungry…and a cat.

Episode 9 felt like a filler episode, even if it was animated nicer. I thought it was pretty cute how the girls were trying to get Aoyama and Ichigo together, and their little disguises and tricks were actually pretty funny. Again while this anime does have problems, I do like how the show portrays these girls as actual friends that care about each other. Same when they showed worry for Ichigo in Episode 10 when she was missing and Ryou for some reason didn’t explain anything. And man, when Aoyama isn’t saying weird possessive stuff he and Ichigo can actually be pretty cute. Their interactions in Episode 9 felt the most normal and realistic and I thought it was pretty cute. But then the whole cat stuff in Episode 10 killed it lol. And wow they really are going for that love triangle. I’m not sure when Ryou started developing feelings for Ichigo since we never spend time with him alone, so I feel like this came out of nowhere other than being there just to create some more drama. So we have Ryou, Aoyama, and Kish that all want Ichigo and Ichigo wanting Aoyama and (maybe) Ryou, and Lettuce having a thing for Ryou. What a mess.

Now we know what it is Lettuce found, and that is Mew Aqua. Mew Aqua is going to be vital and it looks like there’s more around them that they need to search for in their battle against the aliens. There’s actually a lot going on on top of the Mew Aqua stuff, and that’s the fact that Mint’s been offered a business opportunity at a school in America, and the fact that if the girls take too long to defeat the aliens their DNA will combine with their animal DNA and they won’t be able to return to their regular human bodies again. I really like that as it makes the stakes even higher than they all thought. Sure having some animal features can be an inconvenience but turning into your animal is definitely a lot worse. Lettuce is obviously going to have the worst time with that, so now time is ticking for them to take down the aliens and Chimera Anima as fast as they can. And when it comes to Mint, I know she’s not going to take that opportunity and is just going to stay in Japan but it creates some drama I guess.

Currently Ichigo is in a tough spot. She had turned into a cat and found herself in Aoyama’s house, now back to her normal self next to a sleeping Aoyama. I will say her little feud with his dog was funny but I wonder how she’ll even get out of his mess. While this is happening, the aliens have set a large cocoon full of pollutants right above the Tokyo Tower. Finding Ichigo is a part of the mission, but the main part of it is finding another fragment of Mew Aqua in order to help them purify it since they don’t really know what else to do. Attacking it would risk making the cocoon burst and letting all the fumes and pollutants into the world and killing thousands of people. With this threat literally looming over them, missing Ichigo, and learning that they can permanently turn into the animals they’ve fused with if they don’t hurry up, there’s A LOT at stake at the moment. Episode 10 was mostly cat shenanigans so I hope the tone shifts to a more serious one with everything that’s going on.


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